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Switching from an office to working from home is complicated even under normal conditions. Add in a pandemic, no gym time, school shutdowns, zero social interaction, new work practices, unbearable cold, and excessive time with your housemates – a perfect recipe for crisis. 

For all of these reasons, you need to make self-care an essential part of your daily routine to adjust to this new normal. Here are some quick tips to help you survive as you work from home and find ways to be more productive and less stressed. 

  • Include Breaks Into Your Busy Timetable

Don’t make an unrealistic to-do list that causes your stress levels to reach sky-high. Instead, have a realistic approach to the tasks you’d want to accomplish during the day. And when you are dealing with these tasks, make sure you include breaks into your busy schedule. 

When you are in the safe confines of your home, you can use these breaks to relax and unwind with the virtue of medicinal cannabis. Also, consuming Sativa-dominant strains can be more helpful as they give you the benefit of increased energy. For more information on these strains, find valuable information on resources such as wccannabis and know everything you need on Sativa-dominant strains. Additionally, using your breaks to relax and gather some energy is a great way to enhance your productivity while working from home. 

  • Stay Consistent With Your Sleep Schedule

Don’t have a meeting with your boss until mid-morning? Get up and get ready on time anyway. Are you binge-watching Netflix with full force by the end of the day? Please turn it off and get back to your bed at the appropriate time. 

When you suddenly find yourself working from home, your sleep schedules take a massive hit as you try to adjust. However, maintaining the same waking up time and sleep time are crucial aspects of your self-care routine since they improve sleep quality. With insufficient sleep, you may find yourself feeling groggy throughout the day or with a significant lack of energy. 

When this happens, you’ll suddenly have an urge to take a long nap during your work hours in the day. But instead of doing that, go out for a brisk walk as it is more productive. If you still want to sleep, try a 20 minutes power nap, and set an alarm that will wake you up. 

  • Have a Closing Time to Avoid Overworking

Just as having a pre-work routine in the morning is beneficial, a set time for leaving work is also essential. At closing time, you shut down your laptop, get back into your sweatpants, and go to your kitchen to prepare dinner. 

All this has to do with your self-care routine. It’s so easy to work countless hours from home, which usually turns the day into the night shift. But that could lead to severe exhaustion over time.

To be as productive as possible at your job, know your limits and an apt time to quit for the day. 

Wrapping Up

Working from home is never easy for those who prefer to work from the office, especially when you are cuddled up in your cozy blanket during the winter season. To make this seemingly impossible task possible, get some inspiration from the tips mentioned above. Moreover, give yourself the benefit of self-care to be more productive at work when working from home. 

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