5 Things You Need To Know About Smoking Kratom Extract

Smoking Kratom Extract

Kratom is a Southeast Asia tropical evergreen tree belonging to the coffee family. It has so many benefits that you can reap by consuming kratom tea, powder, or pills. 

Can you smoke kratom? Just like it is with other herbal medicines, it is possible to smoke kratom. Traditionally, people smoked kratom leaves, you can buy bulk kratom online easily. It was the simplest way to make use of the plant’s benefits. 

If you are planning on smoking kratom, here are five things you need to know about smoking this popular herb. 

  1. It Has No Addictive Chemicals

It is hard for one to get addicted to kratom because unlike other drugs it lacks the chemicals that cause dependency. All kratom does is cause stimulating and soothing effects to the body. 

So, smoking kratom can be a really good alternative if you are struggling with smoking issues. Because consuming kratom may be safer and healthier than smoking other products like cigarettes. It is also not likely for you to develop an addiction as you would from smoking marijuana

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  1. Treats Various Issues 

Kratom is available in various strains and each strain when smoked will be effective in treating a variety of issues. People consume kratom because it is a great mood booster and increases concentration. Kratom is great at treating some common problems like stiff muscles and joint pains. 

When you smoke kratom in higher doses, it becomes an effective tool in alleviating stress and chronic anxiety. When consumed in lower doses kratom releases soothing effects to the body helping to fall asleep easily. 

  1. It Is Good For Relaxation 

Should you find yourself needing to calm down and just relax, smoking kratom would be the best way for you to do that. Because by smoking kratom the effects are felt almost immediately unlike other methods of consuming where it takes 3-4 hours to feel the effects. 

  1. It Gives Quick Results

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When deciding what way to consume kratom, you may want to try the method that gives quick results. When you smoke kratom you feel the effects almost immediately. Smoking kratom is mostly preferred since it works faster because of the direct absorption of alkaloids into the bloodstream. Smoking kratom is easy, and it bypasses the liver metabolism where most alkaloids get deactivated. When used in other forms, it can take up to 3-4 hours to fully feel the effects of kratom.

However, consuming kratom by smoking will take 30-40 minutes to achieve the desired results. For about an hour, you feel tremendous effects that soon fade away. The effects of kratom from smoking fade within two hours.

  1. There are More than One Way of Smoking Kratom 

Here are some of the common ways you can use to smoke kratom extracts.

  1. Using A Bong Or A Pipe

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The easiest way to get a huge hit from kratom is to smoke it in a pipe or a bong. If you’re going to experiment smoking ordinary kratom powder, the only way to smoke a large enough amount to experience anything is probably through using a pipe or a bong.

It will not feel pleasant in your throat, and the effects will hit you even before you can put the bong down again.

In terms of damage reduction and safety, smoking kratom using a bong is not a good idea. Kratom’s astringent nature may irritate the lungs and the excessive effects.

  1. Rolling Dried Kratom Leaves

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On the rare occasions that the Southeast Asians consumed kratom, they used this method. You roll up a few dried leaves and take a puff. Smoking rolled-up dried leaves is way easier than trying to smoke a paper full of kratom powder. To mellow out the harshness of the smoke, you could probably add it to a few other plants, such as tobacco or cannabis.

Is Kratom Safe To Smoke Kratom Extracts? 

The way of ingesting kratom is a matter of personal preference. Some people drink it as tea or coffee, while others take it as a powder or capsule. The potency of kratom’s effects is determined by its consumption. 

Most people ask, “is kratom safe to smoke?” but the truth is that any chemical you smoke for an extended period can have long-term consequences for your health. That is because the human lungs aren’t built for inhaling smoke.

But unlike other smokable herbs, kratom comes with many health benefits. Generally, there are more benefits to enjoy compared to the risks it might cause. However, research on kratom’s long-term effects is still ongoing. More studies in the future will help to uncover how it works and what to expect after using it. 

There are a few known side effects of kratom, such as mild headaches or nausea. Users can minimize such undesired results by using kratom responsibly and not overdoing it. This is achievable by first consulting a doctor or kratom expert for professional advice. 


While there are many ways of enjoying kratom, smoking dried herbs is many users’ favorite. It can be due to its faster effects or the unmatched convenience. Well, regardless of your reasons, there are many things to benefit from kratom. This guide highlights important things to keep in mind as you pursue your adventure. Use it to ensure you get a fantastic smoking experience. 

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