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Looking for memory care facilities in Utah for your loved one? Many people diagnosed with dementia can live independently during the early stages of the disease, especially when a paid caregiver or a family member provides regular in-home support. But there comes a time when your beloved needs more support and care than you can provide at home. This article will provide you with all the necessary details you may need to find a memory care home for your dear one in Utah.  

 Memory Care Home  

Memory care is a form of residential long-term care that provides intensive, specialized care for people with dementia. Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning (thinking, remembering, and reasoning) to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s activities and daily life. When it becomes difficult to care for someone with memory issues or dementia at home, you may need to consider memory care home.  

 Finding Memory Care Homes in Utah Using Trusted Sources  

Several non-profit and government organizations offer memory care resources in Utah, whether you are looking for memory care in Salt Lake City or other parts of Utah. There are almost fifty dementia care homes for seniors in Utah County alone, which provide dementia care facilities for seniors. The most trusted source to find a memory care home in Utah is the AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Community Resource Finder.   

Community resource finder is an online directory for dementia care facilities for seniors. You need to click on Housing Options then select a type of residence (assisted living or continuing care retirement community); after that, enter your zip code. The results will include information like the type of facility, phone number, address, county when the facility was licensed, and the number of licensed beds.   

Tips to Find Memory Care Homes in Utah  

Once you have chosen the most suitable memory care home in the state of Utah for your loved one, you should plan to visit that facility several times. Then try to visit once in the evening, when staffing is thinner and without announcing or informing the memory care home. Below are some tips to keep in mind while finding dementia care homes for seniors.  


Always look for the facility if it is clean and pleasant or not? The most important thing is, do residents look happy? Check for circular hallways so that seniors don’t get frustrated by dead corners. See if the doors and rooms are clearly labeled, and is there any enclosed outdoor area with walking paths?  

Food And Activities 

Check for the facility of activities that would keep your beloved engaged. Observe the strategies staff is using to encourage residents to eat. Note if the staff seem to know residents personally. Don’t forget to look for what Covid-19 policies they are following and the availability of continuing care.


Keep an eye on how staff members interact with residents. Are they fulfilling the needs of residents quickly? What dementia-specific training employees have received. Ask the staff how they manage a resident who becomes aggressive.  

Utah Memory Care Homes Laws And Regulations

 Admission Process And Requirements

Residents who can get admission into Utah memory care facilities are older adults and people with dementia, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, stable health, need assistance with two or more ADLs. People who may not get admitted to memory care homes include residents who are fully dependent on ADLs. Seniors who require long-term nursing care, require inpatient hospital care, are suicidal, have any contagious disease that can be transmitted to other residents, or is aggressive and could pose a danger to themselves and others.  

Facility/ Residence  

All ALFs are required to provide separate living units for each resident in Utah. Up to two residents are allowed to share a unit; if they agree to do so, they have to express their wishes in writing. Each room must have a space for living and sleeping and a bathroom. Units also offer a kitchen. The place must be secure and have an emergency evacuation plan ready.  

Facility licenses are valid for two years’ time period. The department conducts surveys of ALFs whenever possible or in a formal complaint filed event. Facilities also must offer apartment-style units for participants of Medicaid Wavier.  

Staff And Training

Both types of facilities (Type I ALFs and Type II ALFs) require their employees to go through an orientation to familiarize themselves with specifics of their job description, residents’ rights, ethics, emergency plans, and the facility’s policies and procedures. It is also a must for staff members to complete in-service training specifically tailored to their job duties. In-service training may include nutrition and meal preparation, personal and social care, housekeeping, first aid, accident prevention, and medication assistance.  

Financial Assistance for Memory Care in Utah


New Choices Wavier (NCW)  

NCW is part of Utah’s Medicaid program, operated by the Utah Division of Medical and Health Financing. It pays for adult residential services in ALFs and other residential settings. New Choices Wavier program covers personal care services, including attendant care, rehabilitation services, nonmedical transportation, and household chores. 

   Veterans Affairs (VA)  

The department of Veterans Affairs offers many different programs that veterans and their spouses may use to cover health care needs.  

  Aging Wavier

This program is available to seniors aged 65 and older Utah’s residents who require a nursing home level of care. They must have a gross income below $2,313 monthly and no more than $2000 savings. Applicants need to be current residents of a nursing facility, licensed assisted living facility, Type N licensed small health care facility, or any other licensed medical institution in the state of Utah.  

Cost of Living

Overall, the cost of living in Utah County is higher than the national average. A typical home in Utah costs two-thirds more than the average U.S. city. Groceries and health care both cost within 10 percent of the national average in Utah County, and they are often considered two of the most significant monthly expenses.  

Climate And Weather 

Utah has a four-season climate with hot and dry summers and cold and snowy winters. The average high temperature for July exceeds 90 degrees, while the low temperature for January typically goes below 20. Memory care residents who enjoy spending supervised time outside, Utah County has more than 220 annual sunny days and over 70 days per year with a comfortable temperature range of 70 to 80 degrees.   

Top Memory Care Homes Facilities in Utah  

    1. Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted Living  

    2. Spring Gardens Mapleton  

    3. Legacy Village of Provo  

    4. Legacy House of Spanish Fork  

    5. Heritage Gardens of Springville, Utah  

    6. Highland Glen  

    7. Hearthstone Manor  

    8. Rocky Mountain Care Spring Hollow Assisted Living in Utah  

    9. Ashford Assisted Living and Memory Care  

    10. Beehive Homes of Payson  


If you think your loved ones will need memory care, then your first step is to prepare them mentally. After that, search for the top ten best memory care in your surroundings and collect all the information related to that specific memory care home you have selected. Take all the necessary steps to help you find the best dementia care home. 

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