How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction

Being physically intimate with your partner is the basis for having a good romantic relationship. Most of the time, the glue that keeps everything together in relationships is sex. That’s why, when one side doesn’t feel like it or is unable to perform in the bedroom, problems can start to arise. 

One of those problems is erectile dysfunction. However, there are plenty of natural ways you can take care of the problem. Most of the time, it’s in your head, but there can also be a health danger that’s lying dormant, and that should be taken care of.  Click here to read more. 


At the moment, more than 30 million people are affected by this problem. Usually, ED happens to older people, but it’s also prevalent in the age group between 18 and 40. It’s mostly common in individuals who like to smoke a lot, are overweight, suffer from depression or anxiety, have injuries to their penis, or have high blood pressure or diabetes. 

You might not think that the diet plays a large role in this problem, but the popular saying is true, you are what you eat. If you’ve been eating only junk food for the past month and you suddenly cease performing in the bedroom, that might be a sign to switch up to more fruits and vegetables. 

Adding fish, nuts, legumes, as well as fruits and veggies, will definitely increase your libido since they improve your overall health. When your health is in peak shape, that’s going to translate well into your sex life. Follow this page for more info 


Next on the list is definitely exercise. This is especially true if you’re overweight, and that’s a major factor that goes into having problems downstairs. When you have a lot of fat in your body, your heart has a tougher time getting blood to every place. Studies have shown that after weight loss surgery, the entire erectile dysfunction problem can be eliminated. 

Instead of going through surgery, you can achieve that all by yourself by switching up your diet and starting to exercise. The heart is a muscle just like the biceps and chest, and it needs to be worked out. You need to do at least 150 minutes of cardio per week if you want to have a healthy body. 

This doesn’t mean that you should go out right now and hit the track trying to run for miles. Instead, take things slowly and start walking if you haven’t been exercising for a long while. Low to medium intensity when starting is recommended, and it’s also more likely that you’re going to stick with the plan. 

There are loads of activities such as skiing, swimming, biking, hiking that you can do. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to individual activities. You can also choose to play sports, such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, or pretty much anything under the sun. 

That’s going to expose you to getting more vitamin D, and most of us are deficient in it. In a healthy body, you have a healthy mind, and lowering your body fat will help you live a better and longer life. Plus, the more cardio you can handle, the more it translates into the bedroom, which is a great perk to enjoy. 


If you’ve covered diet and exercise, the next step towards bettering your performance is definitely sleeping. Testosterone is a hormone that gets pumped into the body when you’re sleeping, and if you’re working night shifts all the time, that could be a problem. 

Studies indicate that people with poor sleeping patterns have trouble with ED and lower levels of testosterone. Plus, it increases the chances of getting high blood pressure and diabetes. The best way to fix your sleeping problem by getting apomorphine for erectile dysfunction and to go to bed and wake up at the same time. That’s going to repair your metabolism cycles.

Leave your phone in another room, make your bedroom completely dark and a couple of degrees cooler than the rest of your house. When you get under the covers, it’s going to feel warm and comfortable, and that’s going to help you snooze off. When you wake up, don’t hit the snooze button because that just wreaks havoc on your sleeping cycles. Set one alarm and start the day with a full 7 to 9 hours of rest from the day before.  


Surprisingly, around a quarter of all men that get diagnosed with erectile dysfunction don’t have a risk factor that’s correlated with their physical health. This means that sometimes, the problem can be psychological. Doctors have linked the issue to increased stress, depression, or even anxiety before you have sex. 

Modern life is filled with stress, usually from work. You have to meet specific deadlines, and you carry the problems from the office to your home, even though you don’t want to. Maybe your manager lashed out that day, or you failed at meeting a specific goal. All of these factors impact your mental well-being. 

Additionally, a lot of the population is suffering from depression which is undiagnosed. If you feel melancholic most of the time, you might want to visit a therapist or a psychologist to uncover the roots of the problem. 

Finally, there’s the issue with performance anxiety. If you haven’t had sex in a while, you might feel like your reputation is on the line when you meet a new person. Maybe you can’t do it with a one-night stand since you need trust and emotions to develop before you get intimate with another person. That’s all normal, and you should talk about that with your partner.  

A fast remedy for the problem is getting medication, which temporarily takes care of the issue. Lifestyle changes take time to start working, and taking an oral pill could help you to get in the right mindset. This is a very common condition that affects the quality of life of many men, and it also impacts their confidence. Don’t let the problem get into your head, and start working on finding a remedy that works best for you. 

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