The abundance of software on the market does not surprise any modern user. All businesses get equipped with the programs and devices that organize their daily operations and simplify their lives. NEMT industry does not stand aside from the overall technological development. Modern software for transportation of any kind surprises. It does not mean that selecting the NEMT software for your particular business is easy. There are things to consider. There are also companies that offer a smaller set of services and some that have comprehensive packages that cover all the possible needs of the client. 

What software is out there?

Operations of non-emergency transportation businesses stand on basic processes like scheduling, route planning, dispatching, and billing. The old-fashioned way of conducting business presupposes that you have a lot of papers and manual work of operators. It means high chances of mistakes and for sure tiresome and time-consuming process. The software changes your operations drastically. What you need to watch out for is the set of processes that the software deals with. It is recommended to synchronize all of them in one system. In that way, scheduling and billing of the trips conducted can be processed in one program. Acquiring dispatching software from one provider and billing from a different one does not make sense. RouteGenie, for example, offers to deal with dispatching, billing, scheduling, and routing for you. Test the software to see how easy and smooth your business can work if it is integrated into one reliable place.  

What are the benefits of Software for NEMT?

If you want a guarantee that your system will work without pauses and breakdowns, the software is a must-have thing. Some issues NEMT companies deal with have to be conducted by people. These are things like hiring drivers and acquiring your fleet, its maintenance. However, the running of the daily operations that bring a customer from point A to B can be easily handled by a program. Trust your routing, scheduling, billing, and tracking to the software. RouteGenie, for example, makes sure that your drivers are not all on the road at the same time if it is not necessary. It minimizes the effort to gain the same income. Basic activities that save a lot of money and do not need human management are: 

  • Invoicing feature enables you to keep track of all the invoices, have instant access to them, print or send them to the customer at any moment. It also aids with tax documentation. 
  • Calendar management. The program checks and selects available dates, drivers, and routes within seconds. It handles dozens of orders simultaneously. 
  • Route optimization. Anytime you get a request for a ride, the program uses all the parameters of the trip and picks the most suitable route. It means that the price for the customer and company is beneficial. 
  • Data imports/export. All the data on your daily operations is stored and accessible from any device. Whenever you need a record of the trip or an invoice, you can get it with one click.
  • Driver availability management. Having enough drivers to cover the trips is not a way to earn much money. Profit springs when you spend less to do more. With the wise planning that programs like RouteGenie can give you, your drivers stay happy, busy, and punctual. 

Summing Up

NEMT software created fine features for the companies that deal with transportation. These features add efficiency and, most importantly, transparency to your business. They make it simple for a  manager of any enterprise to keep track of operations and take it to another level of success. Dispatching, invoicing, and billing are inevitable processes in the transportation business. Investing in their improvement and better functioning is never a bad shot.

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