6 Reasons Why You Should File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against the Negligent Party

Lawsuit Against the Negligent Party

Wrongful death claims are filed by the family of a deceased person in order to get compensation for their loss. It is a type of civil lawsuit. In order to prove that there has been a wrongful death, the family must show that someone else’s negligence or intentional act caused the death. There are two types of wrongful death claims: intentional tort and negligent tort. Intentional torts include murder and assault, while negligent torts include car accidents and medical malpractice. Visit atlinjurylawgroup.com to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits. 

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

When a loved one passes away as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim. The people who can file a wrongful death claim include: 

  • Parents 
  • Spouse 
  • Children 
  • Siblings 
  • Grandchildren 
  • Nieces and Nephews 

In case there are no available relatives or loved ones, the state makes an exception to let other related people file death claims, but they need to show that they are entitled to get the compensation. 

Reasons for Filing Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Justice for the victim 

At the point when you lose a friend or family member because of these incidents of someone else, there could possibly be criminal accusations brought against the party. Regardless of whether criminal accusations are documented, the groups of casualties frequently are left disappointed with the result of the criminal case. This kind of case is for grieving families to obtain justice for their loved ones. You need to ensure that your family or friend gets this justice because they deserve it too. 


Compensation is another reason you should file a wrongful death lawsuit. The compensation from these cases can help financially support the members of the family. With this, they can offset the loss of a financial provider that was killed in an accident. This compensation is mainly for: 

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral costs 
  • Lost wages 
  • Pain and suffering 


Seeking justice for your loved one is one thing but making it a lesson for others is another. This happened with your family member or friend, but you need to take measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen with someone else. You can file a case to set an example and avoid such incidents happening to other innocent people. 

Being heard during the litigation process 

When a friend or family member passes away, it can be hard to talk to anyone about it. For the relatives of the victim to heal, they need to be heard by the jury and other members of the court. This can help them with their healing and trauma process. If the spouse or the parent of the victim is able to highlight their feelings in front of the court, they can start the journey of processing their grief which is another important perspective here. 

Get the facts 

If the incident didn’t happen in front of a relative or friend, they might not be sure what exactly happened. Getting facts is an important part of a case’s legal course and for the closure of the close people of the victim. If you file a case against the negligent party, you can get to the bottom of reality and know exactly what happened. Along with closure, this will give you some sense of direction. 

Help make policies

Wrongful death can be a result of anything, either medical malpractice or a horrible accident. In cases like these, the government can start making policies to fix these problems. These policies can help better implement laws and enhance checks and balances. Once this happens, other people can avoid fatal accidents. 


Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can help the family of the deceased to get justice and closure. The family can file a wrongful death claim and have their day in court. They will also be able to collect compensation for their loss, which might not have been possible if they had not filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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