Toxic Relationship Signs

There is a big difference between just a bad relationship and a toxic relationship with an abusive partner. And depending on what applies to you and your loved one – there are two eventual scenarios. Either you look for an improvement (the first case) or decide to stop suffering (the second case). But how to figure out what you are dealing with? 

Good news: in this article, you will find out everything you need to know on this subject. It doesn’t matter who you are dating – one of the sexy Ukrainian brides or a girl from your neighborhood – the knowledge we share here will help. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin with an explanation of what a toxic relationship is. This term describes romances that cost more inner strength than give back and in which hurt, control addiction, selfishness, and insults play an essential role. It’s like when you get poisoned. It makes you suddenly feel worse and worse, and you don’t necessarily know why. It is often the same with toxic couples.

To be more specific, there are many signs that indicate you are in an unhealthy relationship. Some are more harmful than others, but it changes nothing. In the worst case, however, many of these signs are almost always found at the same time:

You don’t support each other in the undertakings

If you’re no longer feeling happy for the success of your lady and your romance is more like a competition – that’s a bad sign.

In a healthy relationship, you act as a team and support one another in all undertakings. If you don’t feel like your partner will be there for you no matter what, or if you feel threatened by her triumph, it indicates you need to let each other go.

You are constantly arguing

Do you quarrel all the time? Or is there a lot of sarcasm and criticism in your ordinary conversations? Perhaps you have already reached the point where you don’t speak to each other when you don’t have to. Well, it doesn’t sound good. 

A certain amount of quarreling is perfectly normal in long-term relationships. However, if you’re fighting more often than acting nice to each other, that’s an unhealthy pattern.

One of you can’t forget the mistakes of the past

Some people live very much in situations that happened a long time ago. Are you or your partner continually brooding over a misconception in your past?

If either of you can’t break away from the negative feelings and live them over and over again – oh dear… It doesn’t mean anything good. These emotions will only get stronger over the years. This can build up frustration or anger, which increases the distance between you.

You lie to avoid conflicts

Does it happen more often – that you tell your partner lies about where you are or what you are doing just to avoid further conflicts?

That’s a bad sign because it demonstrates you two live in different realities. 

You don’t care how you look and feel

In a toxic relationship, you may stop doing things beneficial for you. Maybe you don’t do hobbies that you used to love, or – you are neglecting your appearance.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad signal, especially if there is much stress at work at the moment. Also, many men and women in love cannot get enough of each other. And they, at the beginning of the romance, ignore everything else except for the loved one.

But if your girlfriend asks you to spend all of your time with her, you should pay attention to how healthy your romance generally is.

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