Cannabidiol-infused products are all the rage among health enthusiasts around the world right now. They are used for a variety of reasons, from stress and anxiety relief to pain management. Several clinical studies are ongoing to test their effectiveness in treating other ailments as well.

One such product several people are using these days include CBD sticks – straws that contain honey infused with Cannabidiol. Also popularly called CBD straws, these are portable and can be used as an effective energy booster on the go.

But what must you consider if you are about to buy this incredible product for the first time? Here’s what:

What are they used for?

Did you know that, as per research, the oldest evidence of Cannabis was found in Japan and then China? Cannabis pollen also appeared in India over thirty-two thousand years ago, confirming Asia as its center of origin and cultivation. It then moved on to the west and other parts of the world. But what did people use it for back then? As per documented evidence, it was primarily used as a food source and a form of medicine.

It seems like things have gone back to the same uses as back then, with more people relying on CBD products for their health benefits. Studies have shown that they can effectively treat pain, stress, panic attacks, and chronic anxiety, among other things. They also possess anxiolytic properties that help cancer patients deal with nausea during treatment.  

Several folks use these sticks for their daily dose of energy. Reportedly, they also help regularize sleep patterns, enabling users to enjoy an enhanced rest.

Should you buy them with or without THC?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the component that is responsible for getting people high during use. But this psychoactive ingredient is either missing or present in a very low quantity in most CBD products. 

Typically, a full-spectrum stick will consist of approximately less than 0.3% of THC components. This is in line with legal regulations and does not provide users with any psychoactive effects. It is up to you to decide which you would like to try. 

However, in states that prohibit THC altogether, you will have to make do with products that do not contain it at all.

How long it takes for the product to work

Edible products such as CBD sticks are often among the slowest ways to absorb Cannabidiol into the bloodstream. Therefore, it may take a little while for the effects of CBD to show after consuming the product. But keep in mind that consumption time-to-absorption rate varies from one person to another. It depends significantly on a variety of factors such as body weight, tolerance to the drug, whether they’ve eaten anything recently, etc. 

So, it is difficult to specify the exact length of time it takes for the product to work. You will know for sure once you use the product for the first time.

Where to buy them

There is a wide range of places where you can buy CBD products. But the key is to buy them from a reliable and trustworthy source. For instance, it is advisable to avoid buying them from random newsstands or small stores that cannot guarantee the quality of the product. Instead, look for renowned sellers that not only offer genuine products, but also provide information about how they were sourced and what they are made of.

Buying these products online is also an excellent idea as you can purchase them any time convenient to you. Also, you can have a close look at the list of ingredients in each, the amount of THC, and dosage instructions. Furthermore, since this way of transaction cuts out the middlemen, you can buy the products at a reasonable price and in wholesale amounts.

Ensure to check product reviews, expiry dates, and other essential details before making the final purchase.

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