Health Remedies for Stress Relief

Stress is part of life, but mismanaged stress can wreak havoc on every aspect of living.

Since the 1950s, mental health problems have been pushed to the forefront of society – with the Age of Anxiety rapidly descending into the Age of Depression. 

The idea of stress being linked to the development and progression of other disorders, physically, emotionally, and psychologically, has since been catapulted into the spotlight of mental health.

We must all learn how to cope with varying levels of stress in our lives, and while Big Pharma has developed countless drug treatments, some people prefer to look for safer, more nature-forward remedies.

Below are five of the top alternatives for you to try:

  1. Just Breathe

As smart as our bodies are, they can occasionally be fooled deliberately.

Copying a relaxed breathing pattern and technique has been shown to calm the nervous system. The nervous system is mostly responsible for controlling the body’s involuntary functions. 

By purposefully controlling your breathing, you can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, thereby reducing the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in your blood. This technique is also widely used by millions of people to help induce sleep.

  1. Relinquish Control

Realizing and accepting that you cannot control every event in your life can be a hard pill for some people to swallow, especially when they get older.

 Control issues are mostly rooted in psychological trauma and are a damaged mind’s desperate attempt to feel secure.

There is no reality in that because it is simply impossible to plan for every single eventuality or determine how someone else will react or respond to a situation. Most of the time, all that control issues do is cause more stress and anxiety – both highly unhealthy and unpleasant.

  1. Edibles

There is a large amount of research that suggests that CBD can reduce anxiety and stress.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, natural stress-relieving product, contact BUD Queens. Edibles are a great option because they taste great, get to work quickly, and are 100% vegan-friendly.

If you’re new to using edibles, start with a small dose and wait at least two hours for it to take effect. Most edibles take between two and three hours before you start to feel their full effects. 

The effects of edibles can last for between six to eight hours.

  1. Exercise

Physical activity boosts your brain’s production of feel-good neurotransmitters – you will likely know these as endorphins. This function is what creates what is commonly known as runner’s high.

The truth is that you do not have to run to get it – any aerobic activity can give you the same feeling. It is nature’s way of telling you to get up off the sofa.

  1. Meditation

Mediation is an excellent tool for helping people to deeply relax and calm their raging minds.

During meditation, you learn to center your mind and focus on one thing. Instead of thinking of fifteen things simultaneously, meditation teaches you to streamline those thoughts and feelings and leave the stressful thought patterns behind you.

All that matters is that your mind, body, and soul are calm.

Follow these simple tips above to help you relax and destress without relying on harmful chemicals or substances.

By Caitlyn

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