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Terms of Service (“Terms”)

Last Updated 4th May 2020

It is advised to all our trusted users visiting our website or using our services from all over the world to kindly read our ‘Terms of Services’ or ‘Terms and Condition’ carefully before accessing any kind of services from our website.

We respect our users and in order to avoid any kind of confusion between our audience and the ‘Terms of Services’ of our website, we have created some terms and conditions below. All the terms listed in our ‘Terms of Services’ are applicable to each and every user using any kind of services from our website from all over the world.

Kindly read the whole document carefully before using our services or accessing our website in order to avoid any kind of confusion.

By accessing our website services, you are agreeing to our ‘Terms of Services’. If you agree with our Terms of services then you are free to access the information from our website otherwise you won’t be able to use our services. It’s an agreement between our trusted audience and our website before using any kind of service.

Third-Party Websites

As already mentioned in our privacy policy, the ‘Terms and Condition’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ of our advertising partner has nothing to do with our website which means the links available on our website from the third-party website are not controlled or governed by our website.

Every third party website comes with their own conditions, privacy policies and content and we have no control over them. Therefore, we always advise you to read their ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy Statement’ also before making any kind of decision or using their services. 

By agreeing to our ‘Terms of Services’ you are acknowledging the condition that in future our website would not be responsible for any kind of damage, cause or harm done to you directly or indirectly, legally or illegally from any other third party website. 


If required we may terminate our service available to our users without any prior knowledge and it would be our sole decision. In simple words, we may terminate, suspend or bring changes to our ‘Terms of Services’ any time if required. We are also allowed to stop your access to our website from your browser in case we notice any kind of violation from your side to our website. 


In future, our website may bring change to our ‘Terms of Services’ any time if required and you will also receive a notice about the same. We are allowed to modify, remove or add any statement or bring any kind of changes in our agreement if required and it would be our sole discretion.

If you continue to access our website then you are agreeing to our new ‘Terms of Services’. You can easily decline our new terms if you don’t feel comfortable by not accessing our website or services.

Final Verdict

By using our services from our website you are agreeing to our ‘Terms of Services’. If you accept all our terms and conditions then you can continue accessing our website and services.


If you have any other query related to our ‘Terms of Services’ feel free to contact us on the given Email Id. healtholine@gmail.com