Famous People with Borderline Personality Disorder

We love watching our favorite celebrities performing live shows or playing roles on TV. We often admire them and they impact us greatly personally and professionally. Some of us may also have regarded them as our idol. But have we ever wondered what is going on with these superstars in their personal lives? I am saying so because I have read about many famous people suffering from mental illness at some time point. Here in this article, I am going to introduce you to a few famous people with Borderline personality disorder or BPD. We do read news about their broken relations or abusive behavior in public but may have never come to know about the underlying cause, because these famous people will never come forward to accept that they are suffering from a mental disorder. This might be due to any cause. 

We do read news about their broken relations or abusive behavior in public but may have never come to know about the underlying cause, because these famous people will never come forward to accept that they are suffering from a mental disorder. This might be due to any cause. 

I wonder if they would have come to combat such disorders, it would act as a boon for their followers who might have to suffer from such illness.

Before moving on to the list of celebrities with BPD, it would be better to know little about the symptoms of this illness. It will ease you to identify if your favorite celebrity is suffering from borderline personality disorder even sitting on the couch in your living room.

A mental health issue that can be identified with symptoms such as rapid mood swings, irrational behavior, and uncertainty about their self-image can be called as borderline personality disorder . Generally , in this disorder, a person may suffer from varying levels of resentment and depression. Anxiety is also one of its most common symptoms . A person may suffer from these symptoms either for just a few hours or for days.

Their relationships with family, friends, etc. cannot be long-lasting and they have to go through broken relationships. They are impulsive and can be destructive for themselves. Chances of having suicidal thoughts or attempting suicides in them are quite high. 

The disorder was named as borderline personality disorder as symptoms of this disorder are similar to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. So, it is not easy to identify borderline personality disorder celebrities as in regular life they might be normal but who knows what’s going on inside them. Moreover, these people never think of fighting against these disorders as it might affect their name and fame. 

So, for keeping you updated about borderline personality disorder celebrities, I also have added the information about the famous borderline personalities who stood against the disease and fight against it. This fight will not only help them but also their thousand followers will be motivated to come up and do something good for society.

Studies suggested that more than 2% of the U.S. population is suffering from this disorder and 75% among them are women. Thus, this disorder is prominent in women and you will find most of the famous people with BPD are females. But it is not a hard rule that the disorder can attack only one gender. In-fact in this article, I am also discussing the famous male celebrities suffering from BPD. 

Famous People with bpd

Here is the List of Famous People with BPD

1. Princess Diana

  • The disorder is also prevalent in Royal families and the most charismatic & famous celebrity suffering from it was Princess Diana. It is true to the fact that Princess of Wales has reported a borderline personality disorder. Although she was not diagnosed with it, reports said that there are proofs available for her ailment. 
  • She was also undergoing narcissistic disorder.  She never reported this in public and never went for treatment for the ailment. However, it is reported that her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry are playing her part by promoting awareness for mental health issues.

2. Angelina Jolie: 

  • Hollywood’s highest-paid actress and filmmaker have also suffered from a borderline personality disorder. The actress came to know about the disorder in 1990 and sought medical help. It is written in her biography that she developed the disorder due to unfriendly father-daughter relations since her childhood. 
  • It is meritorious the actress came up to reveal about the disorder among the audience and acts as representative for mental health and awareness promotion. She talked openly about self-mutilation and gave weight to the mental health awareness campaign. 
  • She is a dream girl for thousands of bachelors, some of them might suffer from BPD, so her out-spoken speeches about mental health issues might have helped them. 

3. Britney Spears

  • Another famous and renowned celebrity with BPD is Britney Spears. This multi-talented actress has kept undiagnosed for the disease but like Angelina Jolie, she also manifests the symptoms of borderline disorder. 
  • She was reported to show extreme anger and anxiety with impulsive behavior. She was also associated with substance abuse and eating disorders which are a clear indication of being suffering from borderline disorder.

4. Megan Fox: 

  • This famous American actress and model show the symptoms of borderline personality disorder with her impulsive nature and emotional dysregulation. But it was applauded to the fact that actress didn’t hide it; instead, she openly speaks about it to the media. 
  • It is reported that the actress considers Marilyn Monroe as her idol and has her tattoo, but later she removed it because there was suspicion about Monroe suffering from BPD and bipolar disorder. She states that she doesn’t want to get attracted to any negative energy.

But here I would like to clear the readers that mental illness doesn’t spread through tattoos.

5. Marilyn Monroe

  • This famous actress and singer; got fame as “Sex symbol for all time” was also suffering from the symptoms of borderline personality disorder along with depression and addiction of substances. But the disorder was left undiagnosed for the actress. 
  • Reports said that the actress developed the disorder in her childhood when she was in an orphanage but never realized about it. She married thrice, but none of her marriage lasts for a longer time. She was reported to talk about her depression regularly
  • Later on, she died due to the barbiturate overdose.

6. Lindsay Lohan

  • Another celebrity with borderline personality disorder is Lindsay Lohan. The famous actress and singer were found abducted for substance abuse at the age of puberty. She is also reported to be an alcoholic
  • As per reports, cut marks can be easily seen on her arms indicating her self-destructive and impulsive nature, however, the actress was never officially diagnosed with BPD but she has clear signs of being suffering from the disorder.

7. Mindy McCready: 

  • The renowned musician and singer have also been observed with the symptoms of BPD. Some of them include her suicidal behavior, substance abuse, and unstable relationships. 
  • The celebrity has attempted suicide twice with an overdose of drugs. She is an alcoholic too.  She was also abducted for drug abuse with fake prescription of a pain-killer.

8. Amy Winehouse

  • This famous British singer is also on the list and resentfully, she has lost her battle for life when she was only 27 years old in the year 2011. She was found dead in her London flat but the cause of death was not reported. 
  • However, her husband suggested that she has symptoms of BPD such as recurring suicidal attempts, her instability in relationships, eating disorder, etc. She had reported with impulsive behavior.

These were the few names of famous people with BPD in the female category. Although the inclination of the disease is more towards the females but some male superstars have also struggled with the disease. I have also added their names on my list and here they are;

9. Charlie Sheen

  • A famous American actor and an ex-actor of “Two and Half Man”, unveil the truth behind his mental disorder. Charlie Sheen admits that he has experienced severe side effects against the medications for HIV. 
  • The actor confesses about his struggles with borderline personality disorder and persistent migraines.

10. Pete Davidson

  • A young American stand-up comedian and actor; Pete Davidson has also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder a few years back but the youngster is not afraid to open up about his mental health issues. He has posted on his Instagram about it. He clarified that he is trying to help the kids so that they don’t have to go through the same issues.  He said that he wants to aware the kids about the disorder.
  • Although the actor has to go through the internet and public bullying for confessing about the disorder but still, he is not afraid to speak about it. 
  • He is truly a great supporter and promoter of mental health awareness and some people must have also applauded him. 

11. Brand Marshall: 

  • The famous name in the world of Football and player of National Football League; Brand Marshall also suffered from the disorder and was diagnosed in 2011. 
  • The player broke down the stigma of being mentally disturbed and not discussing it with anyone. He came up straight to talk about it. In one of his speeches, Marshall said that we have been taught to be tough and in most of his life, he considered mental health to be mental toughness and we don’t need to discuss it in society. 
  • He said he learned about communication skills for being an art to share about you with others at Mclean, the hospital where the player undergoes treatment sessions for BPD. 


From the above findings, what I can conclude is that borderline personality disorder is a serious and complicated health issue and anyone of us can be the victim. I think the one who is suffering from it should come up to talk about it publicly. As the disorder does not come with age, unlike other disorders in which a person suffers due to increasing in age, so it is the responsibility of every citizen to not hide it by abusing drugs and consuming alcohol. Instead, talk about it, go through the medications and live your life peacefully. 

If you still will not stand- up against it, the disorder will kill you from the inside like worms eat the log. So, it’s better to wake up on time and prevent the results from being fatal and that too at an early age like Amy Winehouse. Whatever name and fame you have gained is worthless, if you have not stood up for you and has not treated you to prevent yourself from becoming destructive and living an imbalanced life.

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