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Are you an alcoholic? have you tried every possible method but couldn’t quit alcohol consumption? Research suggests, around 250 people die every day because of a considerable amount of alcohol consumption. It is very obvious to say that, to abandon the consumption of something you’re badly addicted to is like a hard nut to crack, especially when it comes to alcohol.

Note that neither does quitting up a habit is tough nor does the consequences you would face after you quit are hard. It’s just your mind that doesn’t let you give up on alcoholism. However, if you’ve once made up your mind to quit alcohol, it isn’t that difficult. You just need to hit a clinic or consult a specialist about the matter. But, remember that you also need to follow certain steps to get alcohol-free. Here is the list of the measures that can help you get rid of this addiction:

1. MAKE YOUR SPACE ALCOHOL-FREEMAKE YOUR SPACE ALCOHOL-FREEQuitting alcohol is a challenging process with a lot of ups and downs. The first step in this journey is turning your space into a non-alcohol zone. This involves getting rid of all alcohol bottles and glasses and anything drinking related from your space at home, work and any place you spend your time.


It is important to eat full nutritious meals when you are in the process of quitting alcohol. This is because you are likely to experience heightened cravings for alcohol on an empty stomach.do not skip mealsEating 3-4 nutritious meals a day not only keeps your hunger satisfied, but also gives you the strength to push away the desire to drink more easily.


Practicing Physical exercise is perhaps the best possible treatment for alcohol-addicts as it keeps your mind distracted from your addiction. Apart from workout sessions, you should aim to practice Yoga every day. It will aid you tackle anxiety and help you feel positive all throughout the day.     physical activityWhenever you feel your desire to drink get out of hand, get up and do some physical activity, be it jumping jacks, squats, running or even dancing that not only makes your heart race but also distracts you from thinking about alcohol.


Studies show that alcohol addiction is generally linked to sugar addiction and chances are an unsatisfied sugar addict is likely to turn to alcohol for comfort and vice versa. Sugar, whether in its natural form or as high fructose corn syrup, affects the brain by boosting levels of dopamine. Dopamine is the same chemical that’s released when alcoholic drinks are consumed.LINKS TO SUGAR ADDICTIONThis is why there is a certain risk for a recovering alcoholic to develop an unhealthy sugar addiction. It is important to be conscious of such a possibility and avoid it at any cost, because solving an addiction by developing another addiction will only add to your problems.

5. DRINK ENOUGH WATERDRINK ENOUGH WATERDrinking enough water is important as it will make you feel hydrated, satisfied and flush out toxins from your body. If you remain dehydrated or thirsty for long, chances are your alcohol cravings may kick in and you are more likely to give into them.


An essential step of being successful in quitting alcohol is to identify and avoid situations that may trigger your alcohol cravings. A trigger may be external in the form of a place, a group of people, a sight or a smell, or it can be internal in nature in the form of a feeling, thought, instinct or desire.AVOID TRIGGERING SITUATIONSFinding something to busy yourself with or avoiding being in the situation entirely is a good idea to prevent yourself from giving into the sudden urge to drink you feel when you encounter the triggering situation.


It is a good idea to change your daily routine and find something else to do in the time you usually used to drink. Utilize the free time you are left with to do something fun or productive like cooking, working, socializing or taking up a new hobby.            

SWITCH UP YOUR ROUTINEBut make sure you do not sit idle during that time and busy yourself with something to keep your mind distracted and away from the thoughts of alcohol.

8. MEDITATEMeditateThe battle against alcohol cravings that you have to constantly fight with yourself can take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. Therefore, it is important to practice some relaxation activities like meditation, yoga, visualization or breathing exercises. Even listening to calming music or getting a massage can help you relieve some of the stress you are sure to feel during this hard time.


This is the most important and probably the most difficult step in your journey to quit alcohol. You may feel weak and inclined towards giving up multiple times. But it is important to not let your urges get the best of you and stay motivated.motivate yourselfOne way of staying motivated is making a list of all the reasons you decided to quit in the first place and revising them every time you want to give up. This way, you will be able to look at the bigger picture and focus onto more important things.motive yourself to be successfulAnother way of staying motivated is rewarding yourself every time you overcome a strong urge to drink. This way, you will be your own motivator to keep going and not give up no matter how challenging it gets.

10. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELPseek professional helpIf none of these tips help you being successful in quitting alcohol, you should turn towards professionals for help so that you can find a solution suitable for you. 

Consulting a medical practitioner for prescribed medication can be an effective way or turning to support groups for motivation or even therapies or treatments to help you manage your alcohol urges can be of great help to you.


Reading this guide, you’d have noticed that quitting alcohol becomes effortless following the mentioned tips, isn’t it? all you need to do is develop and practice new habits that aren’t associated with alcohol. Besides that, you can undergo therapies, practice group-related activities, spend time with your beloved people, and invest time in performing exercise and Yoga. That’s it!

Fight with your addiction rather than giving up on the same. remember that recovery is a long-lasting practice and even after getting rid of alcohol, you’ll have to take certain measures to live a healthy and happy life.

By Caitlyn

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