Enhance Your Bust

You can do quite a few things to improve your appearance and sculpt the body of your dreams, but altering the size and shape of your breasts is going to be nearly impossible without professional help. Many people feel as if their breasts are too small or hang too low on the chest, and that can have a huge impact on their confidence. If you are ready to completely revitalize the appearance of your breasts, then you should consider breast augmentation. That popular treatment can be combined with a lift to alter the size, shape, and placement of the breasts.

Breast Implants

Before you take a look at the breast lift procedure, you might want to do some research on breast implants. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, very few operations are as popular as the breast augmentation procedure. During that operation, your surgeon is going to carefully place two implants into small cavities in the breasts to enhance their overall size. Once the procedure is over, the incisions are sutured shut and a medical garment is placed over the breasts to minimize swelling and discomfort. 

If you have decided to undergo breast augmentation Houston, then you will need to take a closer look at the types of materials that can be used. Silicone implants are very popular, and patients often choose that material because it feels natural. Unfortunately, the incisions for silicone implants must be somewhat large because the shells are filled before they are put in place. With Saline implants, the incisions are going to be slightly smaller, but the breasts will sometimes feel hard. 

Adding a Lift to the Breast Augmentation Procedure

Even though implants can enhance the size of the breasts and create a well-balanced appearance, they aren’t a good option for lifting the breasts higher on the chest. To alter the position of the breasts or the placement of the nipples, you should consider the breast lift procedure. When those two operations are combined, they will completely transform the look and feel of your breasts. The primary goal of a lift is to reposition any soft tissue that is sagging. The surgeon might also remove some of the skin if there is an excessive amount of it. 

Where to Start

If you think that you might be a good candidate for either of these procedures, then you will need to schedule a consultation with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Your first meeting will give you the opportunity to learn more about the pros and cons of each of these popular operations. The doctor must also go over your medical history to ensure that you don’t have any health issues that might impact the results or your recovery. At the conclusion of the initial consultation, your surgeon can also give you further pre-op instructions so that you remain as healthy as possible. 

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