Muscle Building Foods for Skinny Guys

People, who are new to bodybuilding, often harbor the preconceived notion that gaining or losing weight is solely a game of calories. The rate of muscle development depends on an individual’s body type, genetics, and some medical conditions. Alongside all these, eating the right diet also plays an essential role in bodybuilding. LCR Health Active PK is designed to help fight fatigue and abdominal fat so you can enjoy a stronger, slimmer-feeling body

Skinny people tend to have a higher metabolism. Their bodies break down the food they eat to provide energy. If you have lean muscle and low body fat, you need to analyze your calorie intake and plan your diet accordingly. Going overboard with calorie consumption can, again, negatively affect the body and lead to fat accumulation. 

The amount of calories you consume should be determined by the composition of your body and your fitness level. This article lists 11 muscle-building foods for skinny guys that are a must-have in your diet.

11 Muscle Building Foods for Skinny Guys 

Physical activity and nutrition are intertwined. Having a balanced diet is the secret to gaining lean muscle. Your meal should have adequate quantities of protein, slow-digesting carbs, and healthy fats. Here are some food items that are a staple diet for anyone willing to build muscle. 

Add eggs to your diet

Eggs are a must-have item in every fitness enthusiast’s diet. A whole egg is rich in protein, contains healthy fats, has vitamins and nutrients essential for the body. Proteins are made of twenty amino acids, which help in muscle growth and repair. Each egg contains five to six grams of protein. Eminent wrestler John Cena has six egg whites and two whole eggs for breakfast. And yes, go for whole eggs, not the egg whites! 

A glass of nutritious whole milk

Consuming whole milk can result in remarkable muscle growth. Whole milk contains calcium, minerals, carbs, protein, and other minerals and vitamins. Milk also contains Vitamin D, which is a vital component that facilitates the absorption of calcium into the bones. This helps to strengthen the bones. You can either drink it post-workout, during breakfast, or right before bed.

Grow love for lentils

Lentils are a readily available, inexpensive, and popular food that can help in muscle building. Lentils can provide you with adequate quantities of protein. One cup of lentils can contain as much as 18 grams of protein. It is also a good source of energy as the carbohydrates in lentils are digested slowly. This keeps you full and energized for a long time and prevents unhealthy cravings that can get you out of shape!

Try new recipes with sweet potatoes

The most remarkable thing about sweet potatoes is its versatility. You can cook it with a meat of your choice, or you can bake it and add butter and cinnamon to it to consume as an evening snack. Sweet potatoes have complex carbohydrates, which boost lean muscle gain. 

Have peanuts

Peanuts are a popular bodybuilding go-to snack. They contain fat, carbs, and protein. They can provide you with some extra amount of nutrients and calories, which will help to repair and build your muscles. If you want to make your meal a little more lip-smacking, get hold of a few rice cakes. Smear peanut butter all over them, and bon appetit!

Soybeans for vegans 

Soybeans are a healthy option for those who are looking forward to gaining lean muscle. Soybeans have rich quantities of unsaturated fat, protein, and many minerals and vitamins. They are also an excellent source of phosphorus, vitamin K, and iron. The iron obtained from soybean helps the body transport oxygenated blood to the muscles and promote their growth.

Generous servings of fish

Fish like salmon is a great choice for muscle building. Salmon is not only rich in protein; it also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids work wonders on muscles. They prevent the breakdown of muscles and promote the gain of muscles during workouts. American bodybuilder Phil Heath once revealed in an interview that he is so fond of salmon that he could consume salmon rolls each day. He also eats salmon made into steaks. Occasionally, he replaces salmon with dry fishes like tilapia. 

An avocado a day

Avocados contain healthy fats. They help to enhance the calorie density in your meals by as much as 250 calories. They can be enjoyed in many ways; for instance, they can be added to salads, soup, sandwiches, and many more.

Chicken breast 

Chicken breast is a staple food of fitness enthusiasts and muscle builders. It contains Vitamin B and is a rich source of protein. Some meats contain unhealthy fat that can cause many health hazards. On the contrary, chicken breasts contain lower amounts of fats. So, if you wish to opt for a low-fat and high-protein diet, you can incorporate chicken breast in your meals. When Hugh Jackman was getting in shape for Wolverine, his daily calorie intake would be a whopping 6,000 calories. His staple diet consisted of two chicken breasts, some beans, steamed broccoli, and carbs. 


When you are focusing on muscle building, you are likely to forget about other essential nutrients and zone in entirely on protein intake. Although rice is highly beneficial for muscle gain, you can replace some quantities of rice in your diet with chickpeas. Chickpeas contain fiber and carbs, and other nutrients that help in easy absorption of protein in the body. 

Do not miss out on your protein shake

Your entire bodybuilding program and diet should be backed by a protein shake. Drinking a protein shake before a workout can spur your muscle growth. Studies have shown that consuming a protein shake before working out can assist your muscle-building efforts. It helps to prevent muscle breakdown, enhances protein synthesis, increases the flow of blood to the muscles, and propels the rate of muscle repair.

Apart from these, you can also consume food items like tuna, beef, shrimp, almonds, and Greek yogurt, depending on their availability. If you have nothing else, grab a protein bar. However, try not to overeat unless you are Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, who consumed a whopping 5165 calories each day.

Final Words

Eating the wrong food can hinder your body’s growth. While the above-mentioned food items are a must-have in your diet, there are a few food varieties whose consumption should be kept minimal. Avoid the intake of deep-fried foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, or added sugars. Without a proper diet, all the time and effort you spend on training is wasted. Make a diet chart now!

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