Organic Skincare Products

Organic skincare products are not easy to get your hands on and they are usually more expensive than regular skincare, and it might be hard to understand why. Afterall, most of the ingredients in organic stuff are supposed to be cheaper than those made in a lab, at least in theory. 

The thing is, organic products are easy to make but it’s hard to regulate them properly. The right certifications and complying with requirements that can let you call your products organic is what really drives the cost up, but it really shouldn’t be an issue when you’re paying to make sure the seller isn’t able to lie to you about what’s in there. 

If this is something you didn’t know about organic skincare, there might be a lot more you’re missing. Keep reading to find out what these things are! 

They Have Multiple Benefits 

While many organic skincare products are advertised to have one particular benefit, it’s hard not to see them as an all-round beauty regimen. Products derived from nature are bound to have more than one benefit because the ingredients themselves have more than one benefit. 

Argan Wholesale has various argan oil products that are all derived from the same thing – argan seeds. On the other hand, synthetic products are usually targetted with one benefit in mind, which is why your skincare regimen with synthetic products might have more steps than that with organic products. 

They Have Healing Properties  

A lot of organic skincare products have healing properties that are very beneficial to your skin. You’re also less likely to have an allergic reaction to organic products, and they’re easier on the skin than synthetic ones. 

It’s Hard to Mass Produce 

One of the reasons organic skincare costs more than regular skincare is because these products are hard to manufacture in bulk or on a larger level, and they take longer. 12 bottles of the stuff you’re buying from a big company doesn’t cost them much because they have achieved what is known as economies of scale, but the same bottles can take a small organic skincare brand all day to produce, especially since most don’t have a lot of manpower. 

This, in addition to all the costs related to paperwork and obtaining the right certifications to call your product an organic product can really drive the price up high. 

There Are Different Levels of Organic Products 

Most organic skincare products are going to have at least 70% organic ingredients. Anything with less than this amount of natural ingredients can only include them at the back, but they can’t say that the products are organic. 

On the other hand, organic products that have a proper USDA certification will have about 95% organic content. 

The Certifications Are Expensive 

Organic skincare certifications cost an arm and a leg and are one of the many things that make it harder for people to start an organic skincare brand. Not only will your products need to undergo a lot of rigorous testing, but the USDA certification costs up to $1500, which permits you to use the seal on your products.

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