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The teeth play a significant role in your life. Aside from helping you chew and digest food, they can help you speak clearly and give your face a wonderful smile. When you have a perfect smile, you become more confident and happier with your relationships and career. 

However, due to tooth decay, facial injuries, and gum disease, you may end up losing your teeth forever. That’s why depending on the number of teeth which are lost, the use of false teeth or dentures may be necessary to be part of your comprehensive dental care. By definition, dentures refer to synthetic replacements for a missing tooth or all of your teeth. They’re usually made of acrylic, metal, or nylon materials which can fit properly over the gums. 

So, if you consider using false teeth, below are the five types to choose from and their indications: 

1. Complete Dentures

These dentures are the ones replacing all your teeth that may have been lost due to an infection, injury, or other medical condition. Also, when you use complete dentures, you can take advantage of customized teeth replacements as well as the restoration of the look and shape of your natural teeth. 

Typically, full dentures are attached on top of your gums, unlike the dental bridges which are sitting on your existing teeth. Also, when you have this type of false teeth, the gum and plate sittings aren’t noticeable to others. 

2. Partial Dentures

These dentures work best when some of your natural teeth remain, especially the ones in the upper and lower jaw. Generally, partial dentures are installed in your mouth as a gum-colored plastic attached to a metal framework used to support the replacement teeth.

Also, using partial dentures can help fill in the spaces caused by the missing teeth and prevent your existing teeth from moving and changing position as they grow from time to time. Just like complete false teeth, they can be removed whenever you need to. 

3. Snap-In Dentures

If you’re looking for stability in terms of installing false teeth, then snap-in dentures can be a good option. With the help of permanent structures on your existing teeth like dental implants from a reliable service provider, they can be held in place securely. In most cases, these dentures are installed when you don’t have any teeth but with enough bone to help support the implant. 

Moreover, the primary indication you’ve installed snap-in dentures is the locator adjustments placed in the tissue side of the false teeth. These adjustments also make them removable and convenient to use just like the partial type of dentures.

4. Custom Dentures

These dentures are considered the best alternative to complete and partial false teeth. Although they also function similarly with the latter, they’re still different because they’re made from expensive materials to cater to your customization needs. 

Compared to conventional dentures, the custom ones are designed to fit your mouth, which means you can check the product before its completion. Thanks to digital oral scans and other innovative molding techniques, custom dentures allow you to have a more natural-looking smile when you place them in your mouth.

5. Other Types Of Dentures

While the ones mentioned above are the common types of dentures you can use for your oral needs, other types of false teeth may work best for you. These can include:

  • Overdentures: These teeth replacements are attached above the gums and are supported securely with a dental implant. Depending on your needs, overdentures can be put on either the upper or lower jaw. Just like the other types, they’re also easy to use and can be removed anytime you want.
  • Upper Dentures: These are only intended to replace the natural upper teeth. This means if you have missing teeth on your upper jaw, installing upper dentures can be the best thing you can do to restore your beautiful smile.  


Indeed, having false teeth installed in your mouth is crucial for your oral health because they can reduce the risk of bone loss by replacing missing teeth, as well as significantly improve your appearance by giving you a natural-looking smile. As such, it’s important to also take care of your dentures to ensure they can serve their purpose for a long time. 

Therefore, if you consider using false teeth or dental dentures today, keep this information so you’ll know what type may work best for you and your oral needs. Assess your options carefully and consider the ideas mentioned here as you go to your dentist.

By Caitlyn

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