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Humans need to exercise to stay healthy. However, many people find they cannot afford a gym membership and may not live in an area conducive to regular exercise. This doesn’t mean exercise should be off the table. Every person can work out at home even if they have limited space. The following tips become of great help when creating a custom home gym that meets the unique needs of the user. 

Set a Budget

Most people must stick to a budget. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a home gym. Establish a budget for the gym and shop around to find great prices on items needed to equip it. Choose one item that is essential and build the budget around that. For some people, this will be a set of free weights. Another person might want a rowing machine to get a full-body workout. Once this item has been purchased, determine how much is left for smaller pieces. Purchase those as the budget allows. Consider buying used and purchase custom cables to upgrade used equipment and save money in the process. 

Install Mirrors

Mirrors in a gym aren’t just to show off a well-toned body. They also allow a person to see if they are using the correct form. This minimizes the risk of injury. Although people in a fitness center might not need mirrors because others are around to help them, they are essential in a home gym if a person is working out alone. However, it never hurts to work out occasionally with a personal trainer just to ensure your form is correct when completing different exercises. 

Add a Music System

Many people like to work out to music. Anyone who falls into this category should install a good sound system in the gym. Music makes the workouts more enjoyable. Some people find lyrics to be distracting and choose instrumental pieces for their workouts. Other individuals need a fast beat to get them moving. They find their pace varies by the music they are listening to. However, music is always a good thing to have in a home gym. A person might even find they exercise longer when they are listening to a favorite playlist because they are enjoying the music. 

Invest in Floor Mats

Many people don’t want to spend money on floor mats when they feel an inexpensive yoga mat is enough. However, floor mats do more than provide a comfortable surface to sit on and do stretches. They also help to protect the floor under cardio equipment and provide a soft landing if a weight is dropped. Rubber mats are shock-absorbent and water-resistant, so it doesn’t matter how much the exerciser sweats during the workout. The floor won’t be harmed in any way. In addition, the mats help to absorb sounds coming from the gym, which may be important in a smaller home. A person can exercise without disturbing others in the house. 

Use the Space Available

Although it would be nice to have a home gym that rivals those found in fitness centers, many people find this isn’t possible. They don’t have the space for free weights, a treadmill, and an elliptical. Make use of the space available in the home to create a home gym. This may be nothing more than a closet where a few weights and a jump rope can be stored. Other people set up a gym in a spare bedroom or an unfinished basement. There is no need to add on to the existing home or buy a bigger house to have an amazing gym. There is something for everyone, depending on the space available. 

Organization is Key

Always keep the gym organized. Ensure money is set aside for items needed to achieve this goal. Nobody wants to get hurt during a workout, but this can easily happen if items are lying around the gym. Install shelves or bins, and make full use of the wall space in the room. Hang jump ropes and resistance bands on the wall, and store items that aren’t used frequently in a room other than the gym. They can be pulled out as needed and stored separately when not in use. This includes seasonal items or items used when a person is rehabilitating after an injury. 

Build Your Own

A person who has average handyman skills can build many things for the home gym. For example, free weights need a storage rack. Rather than going out and spending money on a rack, grab some scrap lumber and put a rack together. Make certain it can hold the weights without falling, and move on to the next item. There’s no need to spend money on fancy items when basic ones will do in the gym. Save the money for items that cannot be made at home, such as cardio machines. 

Shop Around

Before going out and buying brand-new equipment, check with local fitness centers to see if they are getting rid of their commercial fitness machines or free weights. When these organizations upgrade, they often sell the used equipment at incredibly low prices. A person can outfit their gym for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new items.

If the fitness centers aren’t in the process of upgrading, check thrift stores and department stores that specialize in closeout items. Buy essential items, such as free weights, at big-box stores to save money. The weights purchased from a specialty shop differ little from those purchased at a discount retailer, so keep this in mind when shopping for basic gym equipment. 

Regardless of what a person chooses to put in their home gym, or how they choose to decorate the space, safety must always remain the top priority. Avoid purchasing items with sharp edges or weights that are too heavy. Spend money on protective gear, and leave space to move around. With the help of these tips, any person can create a home gym they love and that encourages them to exercise regularly. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the cost of the home gym, so start on the process today.

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