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Each body part in our body has its importance and teeth are no exception. Teeth are as important as other body parts. Teeth not only help us to chew, swallow and digest food. Along with that it also helps in different functions which are necessary for overall perfect health.

For instance, teeth help us to speak appropriately different words it means in speech, keeping our face in shape by retaining bone, makes our jaws strong, enhance self-confidence and last but not the least helps us to look better and attractive in real life as well pictures.

Thus, when we are aware of that fact how much teeth are vital for us, we should not avoid oral hygiene and pay equal attention to dental care. So here in this post, we will share some great dental care tips, so that you can keep yourself well.

So here the list begins:-

  1. Brush And Floss Your Teeth With A Proper Brushing Technique

The first and foremost important step to have right tooth hygiene is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Now, it also necessary that you should clean your teethes for a particular time interval – 2 minutes at least as suggested by our dental experts.

Along with that, you should also pay attention to your brushing technique as it is also essential in it. For the same, you should start brushing your teeth by making an angle of 45 degrees close to the gum line. And then begin brushing outer and inner parts of your teeth in back and forth and up and down motion.

Also, keep in mind that while brushing that tooth surface and gum line both should be in touch with the bristles.  You should not follow this procedure too wildly as it can lead to bleeding and gum problems. And in case of flossing do not insert the floss at the same place as it will reinsert bacteria you just detached.

  1. Choose the Right Brush, Clean it and Change it

The next in the list of dental hygiene tips is choosing, cleaning and changing your brush from time to time, at least after every six months. It is necessary to look after these points, to reach to every corner of the mouth (choose toothbrush which has small head and bristles to get into the gaps of your molars, where food fragments can conceal past you eat). And keeping your toothbrush away from bacteria (just air dry your brush) and keeping you away from weakening bristles of the toothbrush to avoid improper cleaning.  

  1. Use a Tongue Scraper to brush Tongue

For correct dental hygiene, it is not just to clean your teeths but also to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. It is because it will help you to freshen your breath along with that help in the cleaning of bacteria which were remained even after cleaning of teeths.

  1. Take Necessary Nutrients to strengthen Teeths and gums

The next oral health care tip emphasizes the intake of necessary nutrients essential for oral fitness as it also plays a vital role. For the same take calcium and vitamin D in your diet to strengthen your gums and teeth. Along with that also take other food items which contain Vitamin B complex, copper, zinc, potassium, iron, and iodine as these are helpful in preventing you from the different oral disease.

  1. Stay Away From Drinks Containing Sugar

Eating a limited or required sugar does not harm but exceeding that particular limit can lead you towards different oral hygiene problems. Thus, it is necessary to keep yourself away from extremely sugary drinks like coffee, cold drinks, and alcohol. The reason behind it is that it leads to creating problems like dull and discolored teeths, enhancement of plaque in teeth, etc.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Now if you think that what is the relation between oral cleanliness and drinking water then let me tell you. Water is not only good for satisfying your thirst but also helps in the creation of saliva which is necessary for dental wellbeing. Thus, drink plenty of water to keep your teeth safe.

  1. Avoid Tobacco, Extremely Hot And Cool Food But Don’t Avoid Pains And Aches

Yes, you have heard it right avoid tobacco and tobacco products to keep you teeths pearly clean along with that keeping them away from any dangerous sort of mouth cancer.  Also, avoid eating or drinking too much hot and cold food as it will lead to sensitivity and other problems. But, at the same time don’t avoid any dental pain and ache as it can lead to dental and costly dental problems.

  1. Visit Your Dentist Every 6 Months

Last but not the least Dental Care Tip says to visit your dentist after every six months to have an idea of your oral health.


Thus, from the above post, it is quite evident that you should not ignore your dental health as many people do. As ignoring can bring you some severe dental as well as other problems like systemic infections, diabetes, inability to eat or speak, heart diseases and a lot more. Thus, it’s better to take precautions and stay healthy as prevention is better than cure.

By Caitlyn

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