Regular exercises at home and gyms are essential for your wellbeing. Different equipment is incorporated in workout places to help exercisers achieve their goals. Among the best workout equipment in the market is the treadmill. Best treadmills under 700 are great for boosting the overall well-being and healthy of exercisers. The treadmills are used for cross-training, general fitness, and also preparing you ready for a race. 

Most of the treadmills can tell you the distance you have covered, for how long and how fast. This way, you track your progress to achieve your fitness goals. But are treadmills accurate for distance? Let’s dive further to learn the accuracy of treadmills to ensure we get the best from them. 

When you are a new user of this workout equipment, many questions will run into your mind. You will continuously question its performance and general accuracy. While using a treadmill, it’s important to track the distance you cover. The overall running distance is obtained by calculating some data. When running on the road, it’s easy determining your speed. However, employing a treadmill can be tricky since you will rely on software and its internal sensor.

But are treadmills accurate for distance? As per the take of experts, these workout machines are accurate for distance. Treadmills display the precise distance traveled by an individual. They record the revolutions of the belt to enable them to calculate the distance covered. The distance covered is read in meters, kilometers, or even in yards. However, users must choose through different forms to help them inspect the distance they cover accurately.

Moreover, always keep in mind that there are other poorly designed treadmills in the market. They have poor software and less sensitive sensors alike. It’s advisable to avoid them since you won’t get anything meaningful from them. Do you know you can get the best treadmills under 700? So what are you waiting for?

How Accurate are Treadmills on Distance?

The treadmills serve a great purpose for the seasoned pros and new runners. To the new runners, treadmills equip them with the skills about how to set their running pace. Moreover, the machines provide runners a simple way to slowly and safely increase endurance and stamina. Above all, the treadmills provide users with data that will help them track their workout progress. The modern models can track the distance, pace, or speed and calories burned of an individual. 

How Accurate are Treadmills on Distance?

However, most people say that the accuracy of treadmills is a bit of contention. Before you set yourself to use a treadmill, it’s important knowing about its accuracy. Besides this, it is also essential to know how different factors can affect your readings’ accuracy. 

How Treadmills Measure Distance

During your workout sessions, the belt will make complete revolutions. The distance covered is measured by getting a total of revolutions made by the belt throughout the workout session. Each time the belt completes a revolution is recorded by the treadmill. Regardless of your machine’s incline or the speed, the treadmill only records a revolution only when it’s complete. 

The Accuracy of Treadmills

You have information about calculating the distance covered by an individual in a session using a treadmill. But how accurate are these machines? Factors such as weight, the machine’s incline, and the workout intensity don’t affect the overall accuracy. Therefore, considering the calculation method employed, treadmills are often accurate. 

However, you should bear in mind that these machines don’t always provide accurate distance readings. Like other machines, the treadmills might develop problems over time. Issues like possible wear and tear can lead to creating a slight stretch of the belt. Such problems can lead to inaccurate readings overall. 

Moreover, the internal sensor and software of the treadmill become less sensitive when the machine ages. They will therefore get it difficult assessing the number of complete revolutions made by the belt. This way, you end up getting inaccurate distance readings from your treadmill. 

Furthermore, other metrics that treadmills measure might not be accurate. Let’s take an example when calculating calories burned. The method of calculating this metric requires including the weight of the user. Usage of inaccurate weight can skew everything to give you the wrong value.

Do Treadmill Workout Machines Underestimate Distance?

Distance covered by a treadmill user is vital as it helps to validate the effectiveness of your workouts. Moreover, distance can be part of the motivation of an individual who has a goal to achieve. Some experts argue that the accuracy of the distance covered varies depending on some factors. These include the exposure of the belt to wear and tear and also its age. 

They argue that the effort used to run on treadmills is different from what is used on real terrain. Manual and motorized treadmills don’t offer similar resistance at all. The manual options provide more resistance, while the motorized models offer lower resistance. Therefore, you will use more effort on manual treadmills, unlike on the motorized models. 

Most runners don’t believe that treadmills can underestimate distance. However, we can discover this by using both the manual and motorized alongside. You will note that the machines will bring varied results.

Are Treadmill Machines Accurate for Speed?  

The treadmill’s speed is derived from the number of complete rotations recorded and the length of the belt. Considering everything is properly functioning, the treadmills speed reader does a great job to calculate fairly accurately. The treadmill is always on the dot to record every complete revolution of the belt. Likewise, the time taken to throughout the workout session is recorded down. The speed reader will incorporate all these values to calculate the speed of the runner. Therefore, provided the treadmill is in excellent working condition, professionals regarding the speed value accurately. 


Are treadmills accurate for distance? Yes, these workout machines provide a relatively precise measure of distance. However, some factors will lower the accuracy of the treadmills. For instance, this is in case of wear and tear of the belt that makes it stretch a little bit. Whenever this chips in, then overall results won’t be such accurate. Above all, treadmills are essential workout machines to lead a healthy and active life. 

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