What’s the Difference Between a Regular Chiropractor and a Chiropractor Who Specializes in Sports?

Chiropractors who follow the old school:

Traditional chiropractors’ main goal is to treat pain and restore nervous system function by manual spinal adjustment or control.

Even while this particular kind of chiropractic care has many positive effects on patients’ health, it does not have nearly as many positive effects on sports professionals and other people who engage in strenuous physical activity.

Traditional chiropractic therapy is beneficial for patients of all ages, including throughout infancy and pregnancy.

Chiropractors who treat athletes

A chiropractor who focuses on treating sports injuries and providing patients with strategies to enhance their athletic performance is called a sports chiropractor. Improving muscular tone and performance, as well as maintaining and improving balance and mobility, are the key goals of these exercises.

For this reason, they use a form of joint manipulation that does not involve any intrusive procedures. Chiropractors also employ SFMA, ART, and Graston Technique.

Why Is It Necessary For Every Athlete To Visit A Chiropractor Specializing In Sports?

Extremities Treatment:

As was noted before, a person’s extremities consist of their hands, feet, knees, hips, necks, and shoulders, among other bodily parts. They are experts in the identification and treatment of ailments that are not caused by the spine. There are several types of knee and shoulder ailments, as well as impingement syndrome, tendinitis, and meniscal tears.

Chiropractors who specialize in sports injuries are the most qualified healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat injuries to the extremities. It’s possible that they have more advanced training, research capabilities, and practical experience than other chiropractors. This is crucial since many athletes rely on other parts of their bodies to attain their peak performance and fulfill their respective functions.

Injuries to the foot and ankle are common among runners, whereas injuries to the elbow and shoulder are common among baseball players.

Treatment of Soft Tissues

The practice of chiropractic provides sports chiropractors with a number of benefits, one of which is a sub-specialty that focuses on the function of soft tissues and muscles. This guarantees that your chiropractor will be able to identify and treat any damage to your ligaments, tendons, muscles, or nerves that may have occurred.

Additionally, sports chiropractors could also have expertise in a specialty that goes beyond what they learned in chiropractic school. This would be in addition to the chiropractic training they received. This entails doing further studies, research, and certification, in addition to making use of the instruments, in order to produce excellent ideal outcomes. The majority of these approaches are founded on scientific principles, and in order to get the best outcomes possible, ongoing evaluation and education are required.

When it comes to procedures like SFMA, ART, and Graston, here is where they’re most often seen in the field. Click here for more on the Graston technique. However, it is only applicable to the aforementioned strategies.

Time And Management

A visit to a regular chiropractor will take around five minutes, and in certain cases, it will take even less time than that. In addition, the actual modification only takes approximately a quarter of a minute to complete. However, your first session will take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

A Sports Chiropractor, on the other hand, is a preferable choice if you like to spend more time talking to your doctor in-person. In most cases, the initial session will run anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, in contrast to the typical chiropractor’s minimum of 5 minutes.

It’s interesting to note that the first session with a sports chiropractor often lasts around 45 minutes since the examination is more in-depth. In conclusion, receiving chiropractic therapy for sports will allow you to get a higher level of specialized attention.


It has been shown time and time again that both physical activity and rehabilitation are beneficial for athletes of any level. Traditional chiropractors may not have the same level of understanding and education that may be helpful to patients like you as those at Certified Sports Chiropractic. This is why you should make an appointment with them.

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