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Tired of having to go to the gym every day, but still eager to work out? You don’t feel like going anywhere when it is too hot outside, or when it is too cold, and you’re realizing that there are maybe only a couple of months a year when you are actually enjoying those visits to the local gym. And yet, you enjoy working out throughout the entire year, and you don’t want to fall behind on your progress by not making those regular visits.

What if you could have it both ways, though? Not go to the gym, and still work out every day the way you would if you went there? It is possible! How? With your very own, home gym that you can set up anyway you like, aiming at equipping it in a way that will lead to the best workouts. Go here to get some ideas on how to set it up.

Worried that you may not be motivated enough when you decide to take your workouts home? A legitimate concern. And a concern that everyone has when they first begin thinking of making this change and saying goodbye to those trips to their local gyms. Yet, quite a lot of people succeed in not only staying motivated, but actually getting more fired up for the workouts when they are doing them at home.

You can succeed in that too, if you set the space up the right way. Thought about it already, but not exactly sure you’ll know how to set the space up? Don’t worry! That’s precisely what we’re here for! Below I’ve prepared a list of tips to remember when setting up your home gym, as well as of some essentials that you’ll absolutely need to add to it for the best possible experience. Checking those out will definitely help you during your own home gym set up project, ultimately leading towards creating the perfect workout space for yourself.

Think of Your Space Needs

How much space do you think you’ll need for your home gym? Depends on your actual fitness goals. A person wanting to engage in yoga exercise every day won’t need the same amount of space as a person wanting to, say, do cardio and strength trainings. Your actual fitness goals and the workouts you enjoy the most will determine how much space you need, so keep those in mind when creating the gym.

More tips on how to set it up: 

Choose the Area

Clear on your fitness goals? Well, now it’s time to find the area in your home that you’ll turn into a fully functional gym for yourself. Perhaps you have a spare bedroom to convert, or you would prefer your garage? A backyard is a good option if you enjoy outdoor workouts, and even a small corner of one of your rooms could do the trick, depending on your needs and fitness goals we’ve talked about above. Think carefully about the area you can spare and start making plans.

Make Sure It’s Equipped With an AC Unit

Whichever indoor area you’ll choose, you’ll have to make sure it is equipped with an AC unit. Exercising during those hot summer days will be impossible without this machine to keep the temperature at a normal and comfortable level. Winters are easier, but some people prefer to warm up their workout spaces as well, and if that’s you, then you should go for a reverse cycle AC. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t turn the heat up too much, because you’ll get warm enough during your sessions.

You Don’t Need to Buy All the Equipment at Once

One reason why people give up on creating their home gyms is because they think they have to buy all the equipment at once, and they may not have the budget for it. Making the switch from a fully equipped local gym to a home one that is still lacking can be difficult, I get it. But, buying all the equipment at once isn’t necessary, meaning you can make purchases as you go, slowly, but surely equipping the space and adding everything you need, one step at a time.

Remember That Variety Matters, Though

When adding those equipment pieces one at a time, though, you should remember that variety matters. Variety of what? Of exercises, of course. Meaning, you shouldn’t immediately buy everything from one category, cardio for example, and completely ignore, say, weights and the need for strength training. Once again, though, which equipment you’ll need depends on your workout goals, but remember to buy from different categories and to keep it versatile, so as to be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Get the Basics First

Visiting Home Gym Mania and other amazing sources can get you more acquainted with the types of equipment you may need. Getting the basics first, though, is a must. The basics usually include an exercise mat, resistance bands, a bench, a jump rope, a stability ball, an ab wheel and other smaller pieces of equipment that won’t cost a lot, but that will certainly turn your space into a functional gym. Keeping your goals in mind, as well as the exercises you enjoy the most, will help you understand what the basics for you are, after which you’ll be ready to go shopping.

Add Some Weights to the Mix

Need some more equipment pieces and have the budget for those? Then why not add some weights to the mix? You’ll absolutely do strength training, among other things, which is exactly why getting weights is a good idea. Dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, weighted vests… All of those and much more will enhance your strength trainings.

Getting a great piece of cardio equipment, such as a treadmill, if you have the budget, should also be one of your goals!

Remember the Details

Far too many people get all the machines and equipment pieces without worrying about the details at all. Without remembering that other things play a part in creating the perfect space. A mirror, a great speaker for your favorite workout music, perhaps a dry erase chalkboard to note your progress, a TV if you need to watch videos… Remember the details!

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