Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are more popular than ever, and this procedure could be exactly what you need to boost your confidence and improve your self-image. While the implant procedure is both safe and effective, it is important for patients to remember that it is still a major operation. Even when you work with the best plastic surgeon, there are still some risks associated with this procedure. Here is a look at what you can expect during your operation and some simple steps that you can take to reduce your risk of post-op complications.

The Ideal Candidate

During your first consultation with Daniel E. Careaga, you are going to learn more about the pros and cons of this cosmetic procedure. As a general rule, implants are a great option for relatively healthy women who would like to alter their figures by enhancing the size of their breasts. It is also vital that you are able to maintain a consistent weight in the coming years. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight could have a big impact on the placement of the implants as well as the appearance of the surgical scars. Your initial consultation will give Daniel E. Careaga MD the opportunity to look over your medical history and determine if this procedure is right for you. 

Prepping for Your Surgery

Once you have been cleared by Daniel E. Careaga MD, you will then need to begin the process of preparing for your operation. The single best thing that you can do in the weeks leading up to your procedure is to try to stay as healthy as possible. Healthy patients enjoy much shorter recovery periods and fewer post-op complications. In addition to exercising and getting plenty of rest, you should also avoid alcohol and tobacco products. If you are currently taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication, then your surgeon might need to make some changes to those as well.

You will also need to set up an area in your home where you can relax and recover in peace. Your recovery area should have a comfortable place where you can rest on your back for at least a few days. In that area of your home, you should have plenty of water, snacks, and something to keep you entertained. While every recovery is slightly different, most patients will be groggy for at least a few days following this procedure. 

Your Personalized Procedure

When you head to the best plastic surgeon in Miami for your procedure, you are going to be given a world-class experience. Breast augmentation is generally an outpatient procedure that is carried out at a surgical center. After you arrive at that center, you will be taken to a private room where you can get comfortable. The surgical team is then going to give you a general anesthetic that puts you completely to sleep. Within a few hours of your procedure, you should be able to head home where you can rest. Most patients are back on their feet within a few days, but you will need to avoid strenuous physical activities for at least a few weeks. 

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