Breast Reduction Recovery

If you’re considering breast reduction or have already booked your breast reduction appointment, it’s essential to learn about the recovery process.

Breast reduction, a cosmetic procedure that reduces one’s breasts, is a big decision. A youthful appearance, a petite body, or even a healthier lifestyle are all reasons to get excited about the outcome. 

Here is a step-by-step recovery time and useful tips to ensure your seamless recovery process.

Breast Recovery Time

The breast recovery process is different for everyone, depending on pain tolerance, genetics, and the surgical procedures used. Being prepared and mindful of the recovery process helps you heal faster and gets you the best results.

Here’s what to expect after several days, a few weeks, and months.

After Several Days

Expect to feel some pain and a level of discomfort. Your breasts might also swell due to stretching breast tissues and muscles. You’re not allowed to shower until after 48 hours.

Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers to alleviate the pain during the first few days. They should also place surgical drainage tubes in your breasts to help with the surgery. The cosmetic surgeon removes these tubes a few days after the surgery.

When recovering from breast reduction, wear surgical bras to support the tissue. However, do not get involved in strenuous physical activities.

After One to Two Weeks

The pain is a lot less, but you still need to take your medicines if you’re still on a prescription. You’ll also feel tired, so rest as much as you need. You can start moving your body a lot more than before. Taking short walks is possible at this stage.

Do not lift heavy objects. You’ll notice your swelling reducing by this time. During this period, your cosmetic surgeon removes the stitches. However, you’ll still need to wear surgical bras for enhanced support.

In week two, your cosmetic surgeon will begin gel and silicone treatment to help heal your scars.

After Three to Four Weeks

You will note that the swelling has decreased significantly, the same as the discomfort and itching.

You can now gradually resume your normal activities. Expect some discomfort if you move regularly. You can also start incorporating small workouts, but not weights and cardio.

After a Few Months

All visible stitches, swelling, and discomfort will be gone. Your breasts will begin to feel soft and natural again.

You can remove the surgical bra, and you will be able to sleep on your stomach and side by week six.

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

Aftercare tips after breast reductions are essential in ensuring your results are perfect. Here are some major tips to help you in your recovery.

  • Have a reliable assistant with you for the first few days
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy
  • Avoid showering sooner than 48 hours after the procedure
  • Begin light exercise (such as walking) soon
  • Avoid eating foods high in sugar or salt
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated
  • Don’t skip your prescription
  • Rest whenever you get a chance
  • Check up with your surgeon regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to recover from a breast reduction procedure completely?

Most women can resume house chores such as cooking and cleaning two to three weeks after the breast reduction procedure. Others can go back to working out lightly around this time too.

Women in the corporate world can resume work one week after the procedure since their work isn’t physically demanding.

However, the breast reduction recovery procedure typically takes six to eight weeks. Your recovery is also dependent on aftercare tips and your general health.

How much weight can I lose after undergoing a breast reduction procedure?

One of the best things about the breast reduction procedure is losing weight in the breasts. The size of your breasts determines the weight loss with a breast reduction treatment. However, the typical weight loss ranges from two to eight pounds.

After the procedure, most women feel more capable of working out and controlling their weight.

What helps with breast reduction recovery?

Getting adequate sleep will assist you in recovering. Avoid lifting anything that will cause you to strain for two to three weeks after surgery or till your doctor thinks it’s safe.

What do I need after undergoing a breast reduction procedure?

You should drink water or Gatorade and eat some hot soup. Make sure that any meal you eat is easy to digest and non-spicy.

When can I have breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery requires that you be at least 18 years old. In some rare circumstances, where enormous breasts pose substantial complications for the patient, this procedure may be done sooner.

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