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Your smile can have a huge impact on your confidence, and it is often one of the first things that people are going to notice about you. While quite a bit can be done to protect and preserve your smile, there may come a point when you begin to notice any number of cosmetic issues. Everything from small chips and cracks to severe tooth discoloration can impact the appearance of your smile, and dealing with those blemishes on your own is going to be almost impossible. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry treatments are more effective than ever, and an experienced dentist could help you completely transform your smile. 

Teeth Whitening

Very few cosmetic procedures are as popular as teeth whitening, and that simple treatment should brighten your smile by multiple shades in less than an hour. During a teeth whitening appointment, your dentist is going to place a special compound on your teeth before activating those ingredients with a light. The compound will lift away any of the debris that is stuck in the microscopic pores in your teeth. Your dentist might also suggest that you have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove any other debris that is lingering in your mouth.


Even though teeth are very durable, they can become chipped or cracked in the blink of an eye. If you get hit in the face or bite on something hard, then the enamel that is on the outside of your teeth could easily become chipped or cracked. When that type of damage occurs, dental bonding is a great option. For this procedure, you should always go with the best dentist. Dental bonding requires an incredible amount of expertise if you want the results to look natural and last for many years to come. 


To completely revitalize your smile, veneers are going to be one of the best dental treatments. A veneer is a thin sliver of porcelain or another similar material that is placed on the front of a tooth. The veneer is held in place with medical-grade resin that is quickly hardened with a curing light. Veneers look just like your natural teeth, and you can easily keep them clean with daily brushing and flossing. The biggest drawback of this cosmetic dentistry procedure is the fact that part of the tooth must be removed to ensure a good fit, and that means you will need to wear veneers for the rest of your life. 

Dental Implants

This is another complex procedure that should only be carried out by the best dentist in Riverside. Dental implants are used when a patient’s natural teeth are knocked out or extracted. A dental implant is nothing more than a titanium rod that is anchored into the jaw. Once the rod and bone have bonded with one another, a crown is placed on the end. Implants look and feel just like real teeth, and they can easily last for decades with the proper care. 

Restoring Your Smile

If you are tired of hiding your smile, then it might be time to head to a dentist to explore your treatment options. Cosmetic dentistry is more effective than ever, and an experienced dentist will be able to help you come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that completely revitalizes your smile. 

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