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What does “good morning” means to you? Is it saying hello to Mr. Sunshine? Or simply waking up on a day which you can enjoy and indulge yourself with the privileges of life? Or maybe a look in the mirror and seeing a bright and happy face?

No matter what “good morning” means to you, you are opted to wake up with a fresh face, who doesn’t want that, right? So, if you want to say hello to a brand new day with a fresh and smooth face, keep scrolling and have fun reading.


This basic treatment is one of a variety of home remedies that you can do to minimize your pores. I can guarantee this method because I tried it and I can instantly see the differences within a week so, I continue to include this on my day and night routine. If you are willing to try this, here are the things you need:

    • Lukewarm water
    • Ice cubes
    • Clean or hypoallergenic face towels
  • Mild soap (use non-scented or mild soap for removing face makeup)

Remember that this is only a home remedy, it’s cheaper yet 100% guaranteed and effective. So, follow these are the steps:

    • As you go home from a tiring day, take a little rest, tie your hair up and grab a headband to clear your face area
    • Wash your face with mild soap to remove makeup and dirt on your skin
    • Use a lukewarm water to wash off the soap, this will help open the clogged pores that would make more way for the dirt to be removed
    • Once you are done washing your face, get a clean, cotton cloth and put ice cubes in it. Once the ice melts, rub it gently on your face in a circular motion. Remember to always be gentle on your skin, and the rubbing process must not exceed between 10-15 minutes on the area you are massaging.
    • Repeat the process all over your face until you feel numb and see that you are turning red.
  • Don’t rinse afterward, let it dry and you’ll instantly see the difference – a smoother and baby soft skin.

Doing hot-cold treatment on your face must be a routine because it does not only help in shrinking your pores but, it also has certain benefits for a younger and healthier looking you. The following are some of its benefits:

    • If you are used to putting make-up, you can use ice cube treatment as your natural primer. It holds on the make-up as you’ve never experienced on your previous primers
    • It reduces acne appearance and inflammation in an instant
    • It regulates blood circulation giving you a livelier and pinkish white glow look
    • Soothes sunburns and skin inflammations
    • It prevents the early appearance of unwanted wrinkles – an effective anti-aging agent
    • Can lessen the oily skin feeling
    • An effective alternative for eye creams
  • It gently exfoliates the skin surface



If you are an avid fan of organic products, then let me congratulate and thank you for that. And if you are not, then you might want to try these amazing organic products which you can primarily find in your kitchen:

    • Lemon juice extract and egg white as a facial mask – putting these two together could be one of your heroic deeds. Lemon juice extract is proven to brightens the skin, the egg white soothes or calms the tired skin. This facial mask could be good to rinse between 10-15 minutes.
    • Cucumber-lemon juice ice cubes – who know that cucumber can be a good ingredient for skincare? Well, you only need to blend cucumber and lemon extract. After that, put it on an ice tray until it turns into cubes. You can use this when you go home after a tiring day at work. It effectively calms the tired looking skin making it fresh and smooth.
  • Aloe Vera gel – Aloe Vera gel is proven to be one of the main ingredients used for different home remedies like hair care, eyebrow thickening, eyelash lengthening, and so much for skin care benefits.

These are only some of the extensive list of kitchen products you could choose from. Non-organic products may contain harmful chemicals that may contribute to worsening your skin condition especially if you have a sensitive skin like me. It is most likely advisable to use mild products or most probably the organic products which are more accessible and affordable. You could at least try one of it and see the difference for yourself.


physical exercise

Here we go again, another part of an article suggesting for you to often do exercise. Why not? Aren’t you aware of the unparalleled benefits of exercise to your mind and body? If not, then keep on reading and be enlightened with the following.

Exercise helps the overall regulation of your blood. It is advised for a person to at least lend a 15- minute physical activity daily. Why? Because exercise is kind of an alarm to your blood cells to be active too. When you have an active blood cell, you are more likely to have a healthier looking skin. How does it help in minimizing pores? Well, when you exercise, your pores are more likely to open up because of the heat that you can feel during your physical activity. When your pores are open, and you sweat, the stocked dirt and impurities in the surface are easily washed away. You might see a more effective and satisfying result if you get a quick shower after your exercise.

You don’t need to go out on the gym to do this, simply invest in the basic workout equipment that you can do at home. Without hustle and without getting into a bustle.



If you are prone to having pores, avoid getting to too much sun exposure and pollution. Too much sun exposure might give you skin disease or you are more likely to develop acne. Because your pores are opening up when you are exposed to heat, with the dirt and impurities, it gets stuck on your pores that may cause acne or skin irritation.

If your job is more exposed to heat or pollution, you are advised to wear face masks and sunblock. The use of face mask may prevent the dirt and impurities to get directly on your face, also it will serve as your main protection under the sun. Moreover, the use of sunblock is advisable, so you can have a protection from harmful UV rays that may cause skin cancer or sunburns.


healthy diet

A healthy lifestyle isn’t complete without a healthy and balanced diet. If you get used to eating whenever you want, then think again.

A healthy and balanced diet means saying goodbye to too much junk foods, soft drink, and fatty foods. If you want to have a pore-clear skin, then you are advised to stop eating your sinful cravings.  Just try to give everything up one by one, you don’t have to torture yourself by doing this immediately. Learn to stock fruits and green leafy vegetable on your fridge. Search for the DIY smoothies which you can have for breakfast. It would be hard at first but you would slowly get used to it,

Because if you would have the courage to turn into a healthy lifestyle, you would see the results in you and your face. You would notice that you are looking and feeling younger as time goes by. Your self-esteem increases, and you get to inspire the people around you.


Kath Ramirez is a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing is her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays, a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a dedicated writer for Fitbiz, a health and fitness equipment provider based in Australia.

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