Red Wine

If you’re a fan of red wine, regardless of whether it’s English red wine or other types of red wines, it’s important to know the different types of wines that can bless your taste buds. This knowledge can also help you diversify your choices. 

Though a wine tasting is a real-life experience, written descriptions can undoubtedly help. 

Let’s ignite your craving for wine even more by discussing more about the various red wine types!

Cabernet Sauvignon

The ‘Cab’ is known for its intense tannins, with a slight acidity that causes you to click your tongue. This is probably the most widely planted wine grape on the planet and possibly the gateway wine for many. 

As it is grown worldwide, Cabs from different regions are likely to have distinct characteristics. However, they tend to be full-bodied and with rich, woody aromas like cedar and oak.


Compared to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot (pronounced “Mer-low”) is easily drinkable because it has fewer tannins, is more fruity, has a cherry flavor, and has a chocolatey finish. 

In French, the term “Merlot” closely translates to “little blackbird,” possibly because of the dark blue-black color that the wine has. Merlots are generally available in France, Romania, Australia, and California in the US.


Although the Zinfandel has a lighter texture when compared to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, its medium tannins and high acidity content make it a strong drink. 

In general, when you drink Zinfandel, you’ll feel the sensation of sweetness followed by smokiness. So hey, take it easy there! Many Zinfandel wines contain high alcohol levels, ranging from 14 to 17 per cent ABV.

Syrah / Shiraz

The first thing to remember is that Syrah & Shiraz are both made out of the exact same grape. They differ by style, region, and terroir. Winemakers from France, California, Australia, and Chile usually refer to this wine as Syrah (pronounced See-Rah). 

While wines produced in warmer climates like India and the rest of Australia are called Shiraz. Syrah is typically full-bodied (but less slender than Shiraz). It contains many tannins, dryness, and flavors such as vanilla, black and red fruit, and black pepper. If you prefer solid and full-bodied wines, choose a Shiraz loaded with sweet aromas like blackberry and blueberry. 

Additionally, Shiraz is among the most well-known red wine types in India.


A refreshing wine to drink anytime, Malbec is a blend of the powerful part of a Cabernet Sauvignon as well as its delicious Merlot. It is characterized by its dark, deep purple color, plum-like flavors, and subtle smoke. The Malbec originated in France, but it is now planted across Argentina too. If you’re planning for dinner with Indian cuisine, don’t forget to bring the Malbec! It’s a good match with spicy food.

Pinot Noir

A pleasant and easy wine to enjoy, Pinot Noir is characterized by cranberry, cherry, raspberries flavor, and medium-low tannins. The sweetness and low tannins of the wine allow it to mix with a wide variety of dishes. So, whenever you are unsure about food pairing, you can always count on this fella! Moreover, this wine’s grape is indigenous to France; it grows well in vineyards across New Zealand as well.


Looking to try a Sangiovese? Ah, be ready for a pucker experience! The wine contains strawberry, tart cherry, red plum, fig flavors, and high acidity with tannins. This wine is undoubtedly something! A little complex, the Sangiovese (pronounced San-johve-zee) originates from the Chianti region of Tuscany. It contains notes of various tastes, from subtle tomato to roses. 


If you are a fan of the blend of cinnamon and fruits, the Grenache is the one for you. A black grape variety that is mainly grown throughout France, California, and Spain, Grenache has soft tannins that are medium-bodied and fruity with a mild spicy flavor.  

Final Word

The red wine types discussed above make up for perfect celebration options like hosting a private dinner party. What’s more, you can enhance the experience by adding honey mead to the party! It goes well with almost any celebration!

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