Staying fit and healthy is not very hard. All you need to do is eat right, get enough exercise, and sleep. But our hectic schedules can make it harder for us to keep track of the three simple things that are necessary for our health. 

Well sleep aside, if you need something that will help you improve your eating and exercise habits then you might want to look Beyond body. It is a personalized and useful service that will help you plan your meals so that you can reach your weight goal in no time. 

What is Beyond Body

Have you ever looked at the various meal plans available online and wondered how well they can fit your lifestyle? Everyone has different needs when it comes to fitness. Sure, you can lose weight by eating less food, but it might not be the healthiest thing for you to do. 

Beyond body understands that generalized meal plans can’t fit everyone, which is why they have come up with personalized meal plans that can fit your needs and help you lose weight more healthily. 

The team of Beyond Body consists of software engineers as well as nutritionists. They are there to make sure that you can be provided with the best possible meal plan for whatever goal you have in mind. 

When you get to the website, you will be asked to take a quiz which will gather all the relevant information like your body type, lifestyle, goals, your palette, and habits. These will be assessed by a professional nutritionist to come up with the perfect meal plan for you. That meal plan along with useful tips and tricks will be combined in a book that the nutritionist will start writing for you within 24 hours after you’ve completed the quiz. 

Since the book is written after your information is provided, the book will be completely personalized. The quiz takes only 3 minutes to complete and it makes sure that you get the best possible meal plan for yourself. But if you’re eager to try this quiz by yourself, click here.


  1. The book is personalized, so it can perfectly fit your needs.
  2. It keeps your dietary preferences in mind, so if you are a picky eater, you don’t have to compromise.
  3. The book is available both online and as a physical copy. 
  4. The whole service requires only a one-time payment (excluding the payment for the physical copy of the book). 
  5. There are alternatives to each meal, so you’ll have options.
  6. The meal plans consist of everyday items, so you don’t have to add any extra ingredients to your grocery list to get healthier.
  7. There is an option to get personalized consultation with a dietician for a small additional fee. 
  8. The books also consist of small tips, pictures, and exercise guides that can help you get to your weight goal faster. 


  1. The main con of this service would be that since this is a one-time service after you’ve been on your current plan for a while, there will be no real way to track how much you’ve improved in the service itself. 
  2. There would also be no way of knowing when you need a change in the plan once you’ve been on the plan for a while and your body has changed. 
  3. The meal ideas do not include a grocery list or recipes. 
  4. If you learn better with video instructions, the e-book can’t help you with that. 


The best thing about the service is its personalized nature. Not only does it keep your needs in mind in the form of dietary needs and allergies, but it also takes what you like and does not like to eat into consideration. Dieting is hard, so when there are foods that you’d like on the menu, you will be less tempted to cheat and chomp on cheeseburgers. 

Another good thing about personalized meal plans is that we can trust them to be in the best interest of our bodies. Often, we might end up putting up unrealistic expectations on ourselves to get to a certain weight way faster than we should. That might put extra pressure on us which makes us relapse into our old habits and prevent us from getting to our goal. 

Since the meal plans are made by professionals, and they have all the relevant information, they can come up with a better meal plan for us. The exercise guide is also another helpful addition. With detailed pictures, the exercises are easy to follow. Take this short quiz to get a wellness program that is tailored to your wellness goals! 

Personalization will also help you keep yourself on the right track. You won’t have to put any excess effort to do exercise that you don’t need. The whole process becomes a lot easier and that will make sure that you actually reach your weight goal. 

Even if you do mess up and miss a day or two of exercise or diet, the e-book has got you covered. They even provide you information on what to do to get back on track if you happen to break your routine. 

The ebook also got tips on how to maintain your weight after you have reached your goal. Many of us might let ourselves go once we have reached our goal, just because we don’t know what to do next. The tips to avoid this are also included in the book. 

The whole e-book is written in a positive manner that really does a really good job of motivating you. This can be really helpful. Sometimes when we are trying to do something hard, like losing weight, a positive tone can make all the difference we need. 

The only two complaints of the service would be they do not provide specific recipes, which could be tricky if you don’t really know how to cook. Cooking an ingredient wrong can make a big difference in the nutritional properties of that food, that’s why recipes would have been a helpful addition.

The second aspect is that because the plans are so specifically personalized, if your lifestyle or body happens to change within the course of the plan, then the plan might not fit you as well as it used to, but there would be no real way to know. 


Looking at all the aspects of the service, it is a sound idea and a great affordable way to get a roadmap to your weight loss journey from professionals. If you can afford it and think you need help with weight loss, then you definitely should go for it. 

Click here to take a short quiz and kickstart your Beyond Body journey now!

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