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One of the offshoots of modern civilization is the breaking down of professions into areas of specialization. This is because, with advancements that have been made into the various fields of study, it has become necessary to break down whole disciplines into different areas of specialization. This allows for greater focus on these areas for increased efficiency.

This breakdown into areas of specialization is especially crucial in professions that have to do with human health. The simple reason for this is because, human life is involved.

Who Are Dental Practitioners?

This is an area of health practice that focuses on the oral health of individuals. Oral health here refers to everything that concerns the mouth (your gums, teeth etc.). Those that specialize in this area of health practice are known as dentists. You can read more about them here.

Some people do not take their oral health seriously and do not think it is very crucial to their general wellbeing. Well, this is a very erroneous view in that, for one to be said to be healthy, every part of the body system should be healthy and able to function properly. Again, your oral health can sometimes be an indicator of your general health condition.

What are the Various Dental Challenges that People Face?

Some of the oral health challenges that people face include:


This condition in simple English means a very persistent bad breath and it can be very embarrassing. This can be caused by dry mouth, bacteria on the tongue, gum disease, oral cancer or cavities. For this condition to be properly handled, you need to go see a dentist.


This condition is commonly known by many as tooth decay and is a very common condition that lots of people suffer from. While it seems to occur mostly in children, it still is very much prevalent among adults because, your tooth enamel continually deteriorates with age.

Primarily though, it is caused by the combination of the starchy/sugary contents of what you eat mixing up with the plaques that form on your teeth to create an acidic substance that deteriorates your tooth enamel.

Periodontal Disease

This condition commonly known as gum disease in simple terms is when the gums that surround the teeth are infected. This usually results in tooth loss which occurs more among people who are advanced in age. It is even suggested in some studies that there may be a connection between periodontal disease and heart disease among adults.

It should also be noted that everyone is susceptible to this gum disease thus, care should be taken as it pertains to some habits like smoking and drinking. Care should also be taken as it concerns our eating habits.

Oral Cancer

This is a deadly disease or condition that millions of people fall victim to yearly. Many also die from it. However, it is treatable if discovered at an early stage. It also occurs mostly in people who are over 40 years of age.

Once again, smokers, alcohol and drug users are at the most risk of falling victim to this disease. Some of its symptoms include; lumps in the mouth, sores, rough areas in the mouth and chewing difficulties among others.

Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion occurs when an individual starts losing the structure and form of the tooth. This is also caused by the acid formed through the mixture of the plaques in the teeth and the particles of the sugary leftovers in the mouth. It usually leads to the cracking of the teeth. However, it is very preventable

Toothache and Sensitivity

There are many things that can lead to toothaches. However, it can cause great pain and discomfort. So also does tooth sensitivity which can cause great discomfort while eating or brushing or any activity at all that involves your mouth. This condition though can be treated.

You can read up more on these dental health conditions at Also, if you are experiencing any of these conditions listed above, you should go see a dentist as a matter of urgency.

My Teeth Is In Good Shape. Should I Still See a Dentist?

The answer to this question is yes you should. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that everyone should visit a dentist at least once in six months for a proper oral checkup. This is because, it is always better to prevent a situation (in this case, tooth decay and the rest) from occurring than to have to handle its effects after they have occurred.

Another reason is that, you as an individual might not be able to properly detect a developing problem in your mouth. The decay or challenge might not even be visible to the naked eye. 

For this reason, it is important that you visit a professional who has the right knowledge and equipment to conduct the necessary tests while examining your teeth.

Getting the Right Dentist In Roanoke

Though Roanoke is known for its excellent health services in general, you should still be diligent and careful when picking where to go for your oral examination and care. Thus, you should consider various options before choosing for yourself or for your family.

Even if you do not reside in Roanoke, you could also take note of the following issues to consider. 

  1. Quality of Service: This should be one of your primary considerations. Quality service here does not necessarily mean costly or high end service rather; it should be about their ability to provide the services that you need.
  2. Trusted Practitioner: The practitioner(s) should also be professionals in the true sense of the word. A little probe into what their patients think of their services also serves as a pointer to their trustworthiness. Primarily, they should be members of the American Dental Association.
  3. Your Budget: The dental service that you opt for should be pocket friendly and well suited to your budget. So plan well and check the available services so as to get quality service at an affordable price. You can also look for dental services like the Eschenbach dentist in Roanoke for a wide spectrum of services at an affordable price.


Your oral health is every bit as important as any other part of your body’s health. A lack of proper care will lead to its deterioration which may come with huge unintended consequences.

Meeting a dental practitioner remains your best bet for taking care of your oral health.

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