Gucci Mane Weight Loss How Much Did Gucci Mane Lose

If you are a fan of the rapper Gucci Mane, you may have noticed that he got shredded and lost about 100 pounds after he got back from jail. Now if you want to lose weight like him, you don’t really need to go to jail, you can just follow his diet and workout plan. 

To help you do that let’s learn some Gucci mane weight loss secrets that you should know.  

How Much Did Gucci Mane Lose 

Before the rapper got jacked, he used to weigh 219 pounds. But in 2013 he got arrested and decided to change his life for the better. That included him getting his life itself in shape along with losing about 100 pounds of weight, which helped him get healthier and look better. He did that with the help of a rigorous workout routine and a healthy diet, which we are going to tell you about in this article. 

Gucci Mane Weight Loss Diet and Workout Routine


For his diet, Mane keeps it simple and focuses on getting enough healthy food in his body, and avoids eating foods that are high in carbs. 

Gucci Mane starts his mornings by drinking water or wheatgrass water to start his day. Starting the day by hydrating his body helps him keep his body fresh and clean. The antioxidants that the wheatgrass water contains also help him keep his body healthy and toxin-free. 

For food, Gucci Mane tries to eat food that re vegan and easy to consume and digest. He consumes food that generally has a low carbohydrate amount. Eating small portions of food also helps Gucci Mane burn the calories he consumes more quickly. 

For dinner, Gucci Mane eats something light and healthy so that fat can not be accumulated on his body while he is inactive throughout the night. He keeps the heavy filling meals for the day so that whatever he eats can be burned off by his busy daily activities. 

Gucci Mane also uses animal bases protein supplements to get his fill of protein.  He also eats a lot of fruit and healthy natural oils like coconut oil. Following this diet makes sure that he gets all the nutrients that his body needs without providing any extra that can be stored in his body as fat. 

Gucci Mane also came up with the ‘Gucci Mane weight loss diet plan’ which can help people lose weight like him. 


Along with eating right, a proper workout routine also helped Gucci Mane tremendously to lose weight. Swimming, cardio, and leg exercise are some of the workout regimes that helped him the most. 

Gucci Mane has a pretty dedicated workout routine. He makes sure that he gets at least some workout done 6 days a week. And he includes different kinds of workouts every day so that his whole body can get affected by the workout. His exercises include kickboxing circuit training, and lifting heavy weights along with the cardio, swimming, and leg workout we mentioned earlier. 

Gucci Mane loves swimming so much that he swims at least twice a week. Heavy weightlifting also helped him burn fat quickly. His secret is that he keeps an active lifestyle so that he can burn off the calories that he consumed for a balanced body. 

What You Can Do To Lose Weight Like Gucci Mane

If you want to lose weight quickly like Gucci Mane then you can check out the Gucci Mane Weight loss diet plan. In short term, it could help you lose some fat. But if you want to keep the fat off of your body for the long term, you need to follow his workout routine too. 

The most important thing that you can do is be consistent. You’ll know your body best, so start off with however much exercise your body can handle along with getting healthy food inside your body and cutting off sources of high carbs and trans fats. Once you start getting used to exercising, you can go for more hardcore routines, but don’t just quit it if it gets too hard. 

Getting a balanced diet that can provide you with all the nutrients that your body needs should not be compromised. You should also drink plenty of water or drinks with a lot of water to hydrate your body. Do some fun exercise that you like every morning and in the evening, and if you can, joining a gym and getting a personal trainer can help you a lot. 


Whether you want to lose weight to get healthy or look good, having a good goal to motivate you can help you stick to your diet and workout plan. It can stop us from quitting when going gets too tough. 

If you’ve weighed a lot your whole life, it might be harder for you to believe that you can lose weight. But when it comes to losing weight, mindset is a big part of the process. The diet and workout should be a part of your habit, and creating a new habit can take time. Keep at it and you too can lose weight and keep it off for good this time.

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