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It may sound weird to say that the beauty of women is admired and appreciated since ages and for that well-developed breasts play a significant role.  It is important for every woman to follow some important breast care tips. Breast care for women is important to lead a healthy life and will protect woman to reduce the risk of cancer. Well, here are certain tips which you must follow to get a beautiful and healthy figure.

1. Exercise: There is nothing best you can do to enjoy a healthy life than doing exercises on daily basis. Fat cells within our body produce estrogen and if the production of this hormone gets hiked then it can be a reason for breast cancer. Hence, the daily workout can only reduce the excess production of estrogen and will lessen the risk of cancer. As per research, it is said that at least 150 minutes of work out per week is ideal for a woman to stay fit and healthy.

2. Follow a healthy diet: Well balanced diet is one of the most important areas where you need to concentrate to maintain good health and growth of your breast. Your diet should contain enough amounts of green vegetables and fruits. You also need to pay attention to whether your body is getting enough protein or not. The body should get essential fatty acid and proper nutrition. Here it is also suggested to take organic foods as much as possible so that you will consume a lower amount of chemical. Here you also need to pay attention that your diet should remain free or low in carbohydrates and processed sugar.

3. Avoid smoking: If you want to lead a healthy life and want to stay protected from cancer, then it is suggested that you avoid smoking or if you are addicted to smoking then quit this habit as early as possible. Smoking is extremely harmful to women as this will enhance the risk of breast cancer. Apart from this, it will also cause other health issues to your body.

4. Breastfeeding: As per research it has been suggested that breastfeeding is good for every woman to stay protected from cancers. Breastfeeding will reduce the risk of higher production of estrogen and accordingly it will reduce the risk of cancer too. Hence every woman is suggested to breastfeed their children as long as they can. This habit is not good for the babies but still, this is good for the mother too. At least once a day you can breastfeed your child till the time the baby quits sucking milk from mother’s breast.

5. Avoid excessive alcohol: If you take alcohol at regular basis then we recommend you to stop this habit immediately. Consumption of alcohol is directly connected with the risk of cancer. Hence taking alcohol should be avoided and this breast care tip is really effective to have a healthy life.

6. Healthy weight: If you are overweight or suffering from the problem of excess fat then you need to learn as what should be the ideal weight for you based on your height. Here you need to check the body weight on regular basis and learn from your doctor as to how well you can maintain it. Weight management is a must and special attention towards it needs to be given after menopause. During this time there is a higher chance of breast cancer.

7. No harmful chemical: If you are using beauty products, you should try to use herbal products. This needs to be done to avoid the effect of harmful chemicals on your body which is present in chemical enriched beauty products. Normally different beauty products which are available in the market possess harmful chemicals and lots of toxic substances. Chemicals that are used in deodorants, shampoos or soaps can cause cancer to your body. Hence, you should pay attention to using organic products as much as possible.

8. Avoid hormone substitute therapy: At present, the demand for hormone replacement therapy increased a lot. Especially, if such replacement therapy is done after menopause, then it will enhance the risk of breast cancer. Hence to stay healthy this therapy should be avoided especially after menopause.

9. Lymphatic treatment: To keep your body healthy, it is necessary that the lymphatic system of the body gets the proper circulation of blood. This proper flow is extremely helpful to rejuvenate your body and keep your overall body health. Here it is necessary to do body massage by experts and it will help to flow the fluid within the body in a proper way and it will destroy disease which will cause pathogens.

10. Self-exam of your breast: To avoid any type of breast-related problem, it is suggested to examine your breast. Such an examination is necessary to check whether there is any change in the breast tissue or not. You can learn from your physician about the techniques to diagnose the problems if any surrounding the breast area.

11. Sound sleep at night: Going to bed early and have proper sleep every night is considered the healthiest way to stay fit. If you do not have sound sleep at night then it will cause less production of melatonin.  If the production of melatonin is less then it will cause the problem to regulate estrogen.

12. Folic acid: Your everyday diet should possess folic acid and this you can get from any type of cereals and grains. Folic acid is able to repair the DNA and so that the damaged DNA revive and restrict the risk of cancer

Hence those above are certain tips which are must to follow for women of all ages so that they can remain safe from breast cancer and can lead a healthy life. You can read good health magazines which discuss the topic of breast care and breast cancers. This will enhance the knowledge base of yours and you will be in a position to take the best care of your breasts and help others too.

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