Sleep Deprived Adults

Adults who deprive themselves of sleep have different reasons for doing so. For instance, careers get you less and less sleep for almost half your life. Also, when you were a teenager towards your early 20s, road trips and parties kept you up all night. 

On the contrary, some people in their adulthood are just awake because of stress and anxiety. Those who have sleeping disorders like insomnia have no choice. If you think about it, sleep deprivation has a massive weight on the kind of health you will have in your senior years. 

Thus, how do these factors affect you as you enter your twilight years? To clearly understand how it weakens you, here are some health conditions you might suffer in old age just because you did not sleep well enough in your mid-adult life. 

Memory Loss And Forgetfulness Become Drastic 

It is not a secret that old age means our brain functions less than when we were young. In other words, we tend to forget some memories and our attention span also lessens. However, this might not be the case if having enough sleep is one of your habits. 

Thus, there is a direct link between sleep and memory. The brain functions well when it’s rested sufficiently, and it can retain more memory and will boost alertness. Therefore, practicing a healthy sleeping habit is more advantageous now than later. Also, Sleep patches for seniors can help you down the line as well. 

Sleep Deprivation Weakens Your Immune System 

What is more alarming than a weak defense system? It only means that you are more vulnerable to diseases that can be fatal when you are in your senior years. As a mechanism, our body strengthens its defenses during sleep.   

Sleep gives you energy and revitalizes your antibodies which will help you fight unwanted particles and viruses. Therefore, getting enough rest during the night is crucial— and you will never know how important sleep is until you start experiencing the downside of not having enough of it.

Concentration And Focus Are Heavily Affected 

Do you notice that you tend to lose focus and concentration when you don’t sleep enough? Whether an activity or a thought, it all seems complicated now, and it is way more challenging now in your senior years. Given the slower mobility and underlying health condition, if any, sleep deprivation is the last thing you should unconsciously do. 

Give it enough thinking and know that a well-rested body and mind equates to your overall health and quality of life in your senior years.

Your Mood Changes From Time To Time 

Unlike your normal mood swings because of specific triggers, a change in mood due to lack of sleep is more evident. It shows and will manifest onset of the day. You will get irritated with simple things and little mishaps.

So make sure to have a good night’s sleep to improve your mood and positive outlook.

Gaining Weight And Appetite Loss  

Sleep deprivation is accompanied by weight gain or loss. And both are on a negative note. Lack of sleep can make you eat more than you should. Thus, you can call it stress eating. You can observe that most, if not all, obese people are nocturnal or do not sleep enough. 

On the other hand, some gradually lose weight, and their appetite declines, which will make them ill in the long run. Therefore, as a senior whose health is more vulnerable to illnesses, the best thing you should do is start fixing your sleeping habit. 


Being a senior means you are susceptible to health issues. In that light, sleep contributes significantly to improving your immune system, and sleep helps your bodily motors and systems to rest. Thus, keeping your overall well-being in check. 

Additionally, it would be best to start practicing healthy habits if you are in your prime adult years. Start with eating more nutritious food accompanied by regular exercise. 

More importantly, set your eyes on having consistent sleeping hours. Your senior self will thank you for it, and you better start investing in your health now and reap the fruit of your labor in your age years.

By Caitlyn

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