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Grapes are delicious, but if you don’t know how long grapes last, you might end up letting them go to waste. To enjoy your grapes for the longest possible time you need to know how long grapes last, how long do grapes last in the fridge vs how long do they last at room temperature. We here are going to tell you how and where to keep your grapes and how long you can keep them. 

How Long Do Grapes Last 

Grapes have a juicy texture and sweet flavor that is very favorable for microbial growth. As a result, grapes do not have a very long shelf life. This shelf life depends greatly on the time that the grapes spent on the shelves of the grocery and the conditions that the stores used to store the grapes.  

On average grapes tend to last for about a day at most if you keep them at room temperature. After that, the quality of the grape will start to deteriorate. With time, mold and bacteria will grow on the grapes and they will get spoilt. 

Even though the quality of the grape might be a little bit degraded, you can still eat a day old grape kept at room temperature. But you should hurry to finish them as they will probably not last for more than 3-5 days at room temperature. 

The shelf life of grapes lowers even more if the grapes are cut in half. The exposed part of the grape will be more vulnerable to microbial attack and growth. You should never cut grapes unless you plan on eating them right afterward. 

Raw cut grapes can last at room temperature for about two hours. Keeping it out longer than that will surely result in some kind of damage to the grapes’ texture and taste. You can keep them in the freeze if you want to save them for later but it is better to not cut them at all in the first place if you want to use them later.

How Long Do Grapes Last in the Fridge?

Fridges have a cold atmosphere that can slow down the growth of microorganisms. That is why fridges can help you keep your food intact for a longer period. 

Grapes too can be kept for longer in a fridge. Grapes kept in the fridge have a shelf life of about 5-10 days. 

Grapes kept in the refrigerator can be great to be used in chilled desserts. You can decorate your ice cream for a healthier flair with a couple of grapes. Chilled grapes also go great with a fruit salad. Just make sure to use up all the grapes before 7-10 days. 

How Long Can Grapes Last in A freezer? 

The freezer is the way to make any food last the longest. The freezer helps keep food intact in two ways. The gruelingly cold temperature of a freezer inhibits all the microorganisms that might be lurking on a food. Since all the bacteria that could spoil the food gets killed and there is no chance of any new bacteria getting in and growing, the shelf life of the food gets extended for quite a long time. 

Along with hindering the growth of spoiling microorganisms, the cold temperature of the freezer also affects the enzyme activity in food, especially in fruits and vegetables. The enzymes that are responsible for spoiling food are slowed down and the spoiling process also slows down. 

Keeping grapes in a freezer will lengthen the shelf life to about 3 to five months. But the texture and flavor of grapes might be altered to a significant degree. They will be perfectly safe to eat, and you can still get all the nutritional benefits from the grapes. 

How to Freeze Grapes?

If you own a freezer, you can freeze grapes by using a couple of simple steps. 

Before freezing the grapes, you need to make sure that grapes are clean and dried. First, remove them from their stems. After that, you should wash each of the grapes carefully by running them underwater. Make sure to wash all the dirt away from the surface of the grapes. 

After you are done washing the grapes, place them on a large baking tray and let them out to dry. When the grapes are dried up completely, you should place them in the freezer and freeze them until they are solid. You can store the grapes like this for quite a long time. 

You can freeze any kind of grape this way. Seedless grapes are the ideal choice for freezing, but you can freeze grapes with seed too. 

Before you use the frozen, you can defrost them by keeping them at room temperature or in the freezer for some time. Alternatively, you can just add them to your yogurt or smoothie, they’ll present themselves as a cold surprise. 

How to Tell If the Grapes Has Gone Bad?

Even though you keep them in the freezer, your grapes are not going to last forever. So, we are going to tell you how to know if your grapes have gone bad so that you don’t end up eating spoilt grapes and get sick. 

The main indication that your grapes have gone bad will present themselves in the form of a softer, often mushy texture. Grapes usually have firm skin, which gets softer as the grape gets spoilt. So, you can tell if your grapes have gone bad by toughing their outer surface. If you feel any more than usually soft texture, you should know that the grape is beginning to get spoilt. 

Another indication of the edibleness of the grape is its color and smell. Spoilt grapes will smell eerily like vinegar, and there might be discoloration on the surface of the grape that will tell you that the grape is no longer fit to eat. 

If your grapes show these indications, you should immediately throw them out. If one or two grapes are showing these signs, you should separate them from the bunch; otherwise, the whole bunch will start to rot. 


Grapes taste great, and they are good for your health. Grapes can help you prevent chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. It is also quite good for you if you want to boost your memory or improve your eyesight. All in all, there is no good reason for you to not eat grapes. Just make sure to finish all the grapes before they get spoilt, otherwise, you are going to end up wasting good food.

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