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PEMF therapy is alternately considered a well-established and an emerging therapy, depending on the circle in which it is being discussed. For alternative practitioners, PEMF therapy is an established modality, while in more mainstream practices, PEMF might be considered an emerging therapy. Despite having over 40 years of consistent use in both human and equine clinics, there is still a great deal of confusion about what PEMF therapy is and how it works. 

In the spirit of change, let’s discuss what PEMF is, and how it provides value to the body. 

Generating Energy

In order to generate energy, PEMF therapy machines are designed with two important components: a pure copper coil and electrical energy. When electrical energy is applied to the pure copper coil, it generates an electromagnetic field. This field is then channeled into the application device, usually a mat, wand, or ring. 

Applying that Energy to the Body

The electromagnetic energy generated by PEMF therapy machines is delivered to the body in order to provide the body’s cells with energy. Cellular energy is used to communicate with other cells and even within cells, and the nature of PEMF therapy allows it to penetrate directly to cells to provide energy without having to be metabolized first. 

Supporting Healthy Function

Once PEMF therapy has been applied to the body, its primary function is to provide adequate energy to the body’s cells. While energy might not initially seem like such an important element in the human body, energy is absolutely essential for every single function in the human body. From breathing, to sleeping, to speaking, energy is vital. Although it is not possible to run out of energy without first drawing upon all energy reserves (usually in the form of fat, ketones, and more), as the body ages and as chronic illness and disease develops, the body is far less efficient at both creating and using energy. 

PEMF therapy steps in where the body’s cells falter, and provide energy without requiring any energy to be used. It may seem counterintuitive, but in order for the body to create energy, it must use energy. Over time, if more energy is being used than is being created, the body begins to fall behind in some of its functions. Lesser functions might pass by the wayside, and focus is placed on the vital parts of the body. Most often, this presents in the form of chronic illnesses, or a persistent sense of simply being unwell. PEMF therapy can help shore up the deficit, which may lead to improved health and a general feeling of wellness. 

How PEMF Works

PEMF therapy has been used successfully as a treatment for muscle stimulation, improved healing times, improved recovery times, and more for over 40 years. By supplying energy to the body in a streamlined, direct wave of energy, PEMF therapy supports the body’s ability to carry out all of its functions, including immune responses and muscle recovery. From minor issues to more significant needs, PEMF therapy can provide the body with the energy needed to recover.

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