How the Doctors Can Immigrate To Canada

Even though immigration to Canada is a smoother process compared to the immigration process of other developed countries, there are certain rules and regulations that the candidates must follow. 

For example, if you want to immigrate to Canada, you have to follow some basic rules of the Canadian government. Appearing in the Panel Physician Medical Exam For CIC arranged by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is one such rule. 

You have to appear on the same exam whether you want to study in the country or want to work. The exam is a must for people who are applying for a permanent residence permit. 

To make this process easier for you, we have gathered the important information that you might require to move to Canada. Check the following section of this article to know more about it. 

What Is a Medical Examination for Immigration to Canada?

The medical examination for immigration is a test that is carried out to gauge the health condition of the person. The IRCC approves a panel of physicians who decide about the health conditions of the applicants. The examination mainly decides whether there is any medical reason for the government of Canada for not accepting the immigration application of that person. 

The Panel Physician Medical Exam For CIC includes a questionnaire that will help the board gather the personal medical history of that person, a physical examination, and other various tests that the panel of physicians deem necessary for you. 

If the physician thinks it necessary, they can refer you for other additional tests to be sure of their judgements. The candidates have the right to bring another person with them for chaperoning. 

Medical Conditions That Might Prevent You from Entering Canada ...

While appearing for the examination, you have to bring proper identification proof for yourself. Bring a passport or other government-issued identification where information. You should also bring the list of the medications you take and the power of your eyeglasses etc. 

Things You Have to bring for the Exam

The requirement for having this physical examination depends on the immigration program you are availing. For some of the program, you are required to complete the exam before even applying. However, for others, you have to complete the process only after completing the other requirements. 

Why does Canada require the medical exam? 

The primary and one of the main reasons for checking the health condition of the applicant is to make sure that the person is medically fit to get admission in Canada. The doctor will decide if the person bears a health risk for other citizens of the country. If the health condition of the person can drain on the Canadian health care system, then the Canadian government might not accept the application for immigration of that person. 

What Makes a Person Medically Inadmissible to Canada? 

There are two different reasons for which the Panel Physician Medical Exam For CIC can deny the application. 

  • Posing a Threat to Public Health and Safety of Canada: Certain medical conditions can pose a threat to the public of the country. For example, some highly contagious illness that the applicant is suffering from can create a problem in the health environment of the country. That’s the reason why a person with such conditions will be denied admission in Canada. 
  • Excessive Demand on the Healthcare and Social Service: The health care and social service system of Canada are universal and public-funded. Any permanent resident or temporary ones can avail the benefits of the system while they are in the country. That’s why the immigration applicant might not be admissible medically if the government thinks that they will be a burden of the healthcare system of the country. This clause is applicable for the people who are applying through the provincial Nominee program or the express entry system. 

The threshold for excessive medical demands lies somewhere above CAD 20,000 per year. The amount is about three times of the previous ones that have been enhanced following a regulation change in 2018. 

However, the sponsored partners, spouses and the dependent children are exempted from these regulations. The same goes for refugees and other protected persons. 

As this Panel Physician Medical Exam For CIC is not mandatory for some workers, students and visitors, they do not have to follow these criteria. 

Who requires The Examination

There are different demands for different visa types. For example, the temporary residents who are planning to live for six months or less do not require this medical examination, unless they are recruited for specific types of jobs. You have to check the list of the Canadian government to see whether you need the exam or not. 

The temporary visa applicants who are thinking about living for six months or above have to make sure that they have not visited a certain country to decide whether or not they require a medical exam. There are other factors as well that the applicant should follow. 

All the permanent residence applicants need to undergo the medical examination. 

So, these are the factors that you needed to know about the Panel Physician Medical Exam For CIC. Make sure to check the name of the panel approved doctors before going for the examination. Remember, a certificate from your house physician will not be accepted by the IRCC if he or she is not on their list.  

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