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Aging is a process that is part of every individual’s life since each day is a new beginning and a step closer to growing older. There is a point in life where people grow old, making it difficult for them to handle themselves as they require a high helping hand from time to time to stay safe and healthy. At times, older adults prefer to remain alone within their current house or a community, as studies show that 87 percent of adults from the age of 65 and over have chosen this method. Most children are worried about their old-aged parents since there is the risk of hurting themselves or being isolated.

At times, older adults require assistance in life since there are different scenarios that they might come across. Aging parents believe that they can handle their problems since they consider themselves perfect, but there are specific ways to determine whether they need assistance or home care.

Determining Assistance for Aging Parents

There are different signs to look out for when it comes to determining whether any old-age parent needs assistance to keep them healthier and safe.

House Condition

Maintaining a house gets complicated at times since many tasks need to be completed to look neat and clean; otherwise, the tasks would pile up, and the house will start to look dirty. When an aging parent gets older, their eyesight might get affected, making it difficult for them to observe certain simple spots filled with dirt since they cannot see the dirt. Older adults have weak bodies since their bones get more fragile, making it hard for them to move around the house, lowering the number of tasks to maintain the house. Older parents cannot bend since it hurts their back or pulls their muscles, causing them to drop and break objects that will be left uncleaned. While an older adult walks around the house, there are objects left on the floor which can be a tripping hazard for them, and eventually, it could harm them.

Eating Habits

Aged parents cannot eat the food they used to when they were young since their immune system and metabolism gets weaker due to aging. An older adult that goes shopping at times cannot see since their eyesight becomes weak, so instead, they might buy rotten vegetables, fruits, or meat rather than the quality and quantity of food they are supposed to receive. Older adults cannot cook a planned meal due to their weakness; instead, they choose to eat from boxed food or food cans that are unhealthy. Some older adults do not eat their meals on time or skip their meals which causes them to lose weight and become weak.

Memory Loss 

Growing old comes with a cost since any older adult’s health starts to get weak and their mental health decreases, causing them to lose their memory, which could prove harmful to them or lead them to be careless in critical daily tasks. Research shows that specific scenarios demonstrate that memory loss or any related memory-related disease is typical for an aged adult. There are times where your aging parents might forget to pay bills, or the bills would pile up, making it difficult to manage their expenses. Such a situation shows a sign of memory loss or early stage of dementia, causing them to lose track of their bills. Medications for aging parents are crucial since they become fragile, requiring them to consume different medicines to keep their overall health strong. Older adults are usually found in various situations where they forget to take their medication or consume a higher dose for each prescribed medicine. If they miss their medication or take high doses, it could lead to unprecedented health issues. Hygiene of older adults can play a part in memory loss since old-age adults might forget to shower, or their memory loss main causes them to become afraid and anxious, causing them to harm themselves.

Frequent Bruises 

Any old age adult you love might find it hard to handle themselves since they might lose their balance or trip, which could hurt them badly. These cause bruises that any person could easily catch since they are frequent. Bruises are most frequently found among aged parents if they face any mental health disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s since they forget simple things like touching a hot stove or not knowing if there are stairs within the house, leading to major accidents. 

Depression or Loneliness

Children with old-age parents might have faced scenarios where their parents might not want to move from their bed or become social with different people, which shows signs of depression or loneliness. A person that goes through depression could cause their health to weaken since they lose weight or lose their memory. In such cases, it is essential to provide safety for old-age parents either at their home or find a place like home health care where they would be safe and free from depression. 

Comforting Aged Parents 

There are different things that children could do to comfort their old-age parents. 

Analyze their Needs

Usually, old-aged parents find it difficult to handle themselves since they require assistance from their children or others. The children can analyze their aging parents’ needs to help solve everyday problems like medical needs, home safety, planning meals, etc. These are all essential requirements that every individual needs to live a long and prosperous life, especially aged parents. 

Taking Care of Own Needs

Children are young and primarily energetic, but some children have weak health. For children to take care of their aging parents, they should make sure that their health is in perfect shape to take care of their aging parents and adjust to their parent’s lifestyle. 

Financial Capability

Financials can strain both the children and parents since caring for the elderly can have a considerable cost, so it is essential to plan a strategy to manage the cost. Different costs need to be considered, such as medical costs, the cost of living, everyday costs, supplies for caregiving, modifying the home for safety, etc. Both the parents and children should handle the finances properly by planning a proper budget. 

Safety Precautions

Managing the safety of older adults is essential since they are very delicate due to their weak bodies and frail minds. They might harm themselves or the people around them. Children need to ensure that a safe environment surrounds their parents. Planning aged parents’ safety could be done through simple ways such as clearing the floors or walkway from any clutter, putting bars in bathrooms and stairs for support, easy access for switching on lights, and placing all appliances easily accessible. 


Most aged parents reach a certain age where they might find it challenging to communicate with their children or others due to hearing and speaking issues. Communicating with them can prove difficult, so children or people should establish a communication method where the aged adults and other individuals could understand. Another important aspect of communication is to help prevent aged adults from depression and loneliness. If people do not communicate with older adults, it could affect their mental and physical health, leading to harmful side effects. The best possible way to make sure that aged parents are not affected due to mental health disease they could call them on the phone or spend time with them physically. 

Senior Home Care

Suppose the children find it difficult to self-care for their old-age parents. In that case, multiple caring facilities could provide the special care and comfort that old adults cannot see anywhere else due to the professional staff available. When children are searching for different caring options for their aged parents, there are certain things that they can keep in mind. Finding a good care consultant that will help you provide an excellent experience for your aging parents and save your time, money, and hectic paperwork. The children should ensure that the caregiver is a professional whether they hire one privately or place their parents within a facility. Children should provide the aged parents with non-stop care by looking for a caregiver that offers 24/7 assistance since they are not in that position to manage themselves. If your aging parents are provided with a doctor within the facility, the children should inform them about your parent’s health condition. When it gets challenging to find the proper care option for your aging parent, then various caring agencies could guide anyone towards the best choice possible. 


At times it might be challenging to handle and analyze whether old-age parents might need the assistance they require or home care. This guide will help inform people on how to better determine at what stage their aged parents require the help or assistance they need and how to better care for their parents whether they care for them privately or place them within a caring facility. Aged parents reach a point in life where assistance or supervision is required.

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