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Elliptical machines are getting the fastest popularity and being used widely as fitness equipment. People consider this product due to its low-impact whole body workout. Elliptical machines are ideal equipment for having an aerobic workout and losing weight quickly. 

It can effectively burn all the excess calories and tone the body muscles. Every aged and gender person can get the best result by using this machine. Therefore, we will show you how to get a good workout on the elliptical machine in this guide. 

What Is the Elliptical Machine?

The elliptical machine is fundamental fitness equipment that is widely used in homes, gyms, or any other health clubs. It is an ideal machine for having low-impact cardio exercise. This machine has two long handles along with foot pedals that focuses on an entire body workout. As it works like running, walking, and climbing stairs, it can work with the whole body. 

The profitnessgears.com has the best elliptical machine for toning the body muscle and burn calories. Without putting any pressure or stress on the joints, people with long-term injuries or other health problems can use this machine. Moreover, it will help you to recover from the injuries and keep you fit. It helps to build cardiovascular endurance, which is great for a healthy heart.

How to Get a Good Workout on the Elliptical Machine

With the accurate process and form, you can have a killer workout session on the elliptical machine. To find out how to get a good workout on the elliptical machine, follow the below steps. 

Plan Before Hitting Onto the Machine

Before starting exercise, set your goal, mark what you want to achieve, and make a proper workout plan. Without a goal and plan, if you start hopping, it won’t be something effective. Many people make this big mistake by not having a proper exercise plan. To get an effective workout and benefit, you must have to have a plan. 

Familiarize Yourself With the Console

Look out the incline and resistance buttons and try to figure out how they adjust. Some machines allow you to program the weight and age. In this way, the machine can track your burning calories. 

Step Onto the Machine

Facing the monitor, step onto the machine carefully because the pedals will start moving. You may lose your balance, so grab the handlebars and then step on it. To power up the display, take a few steps forward, or you can look for the start button. 

Start Pedaling

While using the elliptical, the arms keep swing with the handles. Make sure when the left foot goes down, you should pull the right handle toward your body. At this time, you should keep the leg left straight. Follow the same process while the right leg goes down. When straightening the leg for every stroke, make sure to bend the knees slightly. 

Turn up the Resistance Level

Resistance helps your muscle to change; therefore, you should feel the tension while pushing and pulling the handlebars and pedals. Turning up the level of resistance will make you push harder on the pedals. As a result, your muscles will have a better workout.

Change the Pedaling Direction

It may sound weird, but you can actually go backward with the elliptical machine’s pedals. It will add variety to your workout session and works with the glutes or hamstrings. But, if you have a knee injury, it can be difficult on your knees. So be very careful pedaling backward with an injured knee. 

Use the Swing Arms

Some elliptical machines are designed with movable swing arms, and others are fixed. For getting a full-body workout, the best choice will be the movable swing arms. It will help you to get a more intense lower-body workout.   

Add Intervals

Each time do 5-minute intervals increasing the incline and resistance level. Start your workout with a base pace that feels challenging but with comfort. First warm-up for 5 minutes, then pedal with full energy for 2 minutes, then slow down the pace for 3 minutes. Again push harder for 2 minutes, and for recovering yourself, pedal at a slow pace for 3 minutes. Then, again increase the resistance and incline level and repeat this pattern for each time. 

Stand up Straight

Leaning forward on the handles makes the workout easier but less effective. You should stand as straight as possible, and it will help your core and abs to get engaged. Lean back on your heels and don’t put all weight on the toes. Putting all body weight on toes makes the feet numb. Keeping the weight on heels makes you work out for longer, keep the muscles work harder, and increase stamina.  

Don’t Follow the Same Workout Every Day

For beginners, doing the same workout day after day can be effective. But, in the long run, it can lead to a fitness plateau. Changing the routine can greatly improve the effectiveness of each workout session. In this case, interval workouts work best. Here, you can change the level of intensity, resistance, and incline of the elliptical machine. Thus, it will add more challenge and variety. 

Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions

Most of the people watch tv or read magazines while working out. Eventually, this thing distracts you from getting the most benefit from the workout session. It will be better to put down all the distractions and keep focused on the exercise and your body.  


This stationary exercise machine can be used for sprinting exercise, walking, staring, climbing, and running. It can provide the most effective low-impact cardio workout by avoiding injuries. This machine will help you by boosting stamina, burning calories, and providing a full-body workout. 

Also, it can relieve stress and be most beneficial for people with knee or joint pain. We showed all the necessary information for how to get a good workout on the elliptical machine. So get your elliptical machine and follow the above instruction to get the best workout.    

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