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If you want to get Medical services under the United States Health care facilities, then you might have heard about the National Provider Identifier or NPI for short. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act have made it necessary for all health care providers to be represented under a single bracket of identity. This identity comes along with a 10 digit number that aims to simplify the billing process and help one navigate through the whole medical procedure and this number is known as an NPI. Anyone who practices medicine on the soil of the United States should have an NPI. 

Why Is a National Provider Identifier Needed?

The NPI lookup system makes it easier for one to navigate the various requirements for insurance purposes while receiving proper health care. Before the NPI system, the UPIN or Unique Physician Identification number was used, and one had to go through the process of keeping track of several provider identifications, which could get quite hard to maintain sometimes. 

The new NPI system simplifies the process, it can be used for all health plans and it simplifies the billing process. Besides, the NPI system is quite necessary for the implication of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Law. 

How to Apply for a National Provider Identifier?

There are two ways one could go for obtaining an NPI number. Some organizations do provide NPI numbers, but there is also a process that will allow you to apply for the number online. This is the preferred method for the obtainment of an NPI number for many because it is free of charge and quite a fast way to track the status of the number. 

How to Apply for NPI Online?

You can apply for an NPI number online by going through a couple of steps that we discussed below. 

  • Visiting the official NPPES Website: You are going to find out that it is quite easy to navigate through the NPPES website so that you can apply for an NPI number. Once you visit the website, go through the page and find the section where they allow you to create a log in. Access this through your identity and the access management system. 
  • Go through the Information Provided in the Website: If you scroll through the website once you have logged in, you will find the help button somewhere on the page. Click on it and go through the instructions written on it. You will find out about everything you need to know to get a new NPI number. 
  • Create a New NPI Application: Once you have gone through the instruction, you can now proceed to the creation of the new NPI application. It is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions provided on the page. 
  • Provide your Details: Now you need to fill the application with your relevant information. This information will include your address and residency phone number, other identification numbers, taxonomy or License information, and the contact person’s information. For the question that asks you if you are the sole proprietor, you should choose no. 
  • Certification Statement: Once you are done filling the form with relevant information, the certification statement will appear on your screen. Go through it and then finally submit the application. You should receive an email regarding your NPI within the course of about two weeks since you have applied for it. Look out for it, and once you receive the email proceed with it further.  


Good healthcare now requires an NPI number; hence you must waste no time in applying for it. You’ll never know when a health emergency might strike and you need your NPI number. It is better to be safe than be sorry, especially when the steps to applying for the NPI number is so simple. The online application procedure will cost you nothing but delaying this task might so get started today.

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