how to get rid of lockjaw

How to get rid of lockjaw? Is lockjaw treatable? Can it be cured with home remedies? Or do I need to consult a specialist? So, do you find it difficult to open and close your jaws? Perhaps, you have developed lockjaw. Prior to heading to the treatment of this painful medical condition, let’s discuss the issue in brief:

A casual expression used to describe a state when neither does your mouth opens completely nor does it shuts properly is lockjaw. This medical condition mainly influences the muscles and joint of your jaw that helps in the movements of your mouth. Whilst lockjaw is a temporary issue which can be cured using some natural and home-based remedies, it is often considered to be one of the major symptoms of tetanus, a critical medical state that initiates due to the severe bacterial infection. Here’s how to treat it:

How to Get Rid of Lockjaw?

Only a few of the patients suffering from this painful disorder are well-aware of some natural yet effective remedies that can help them fix their jaw muscles with ease.

So are you looking out for natural treatment for this terrible muscle spasm? Don’t worry, I am presenting 5 super easy and clinically approved treatment that can fix your joints near the jaw: Let’s have a look:

1. Practice Jaw Exercises

It has not been many days since I developed lockjaw. Being personally affected by this critical medical condition, I understand how troublesome it is to combat your painful jaw muscles and get back to your normal condition. But, it isn’t a hard nut to crack. All thanks to jaw exercises that helped me fix my terrible lockjaw with a few practices. Yes, you read it right! you just need to calm your shoulders, tongue, and not to mention, the lower jaw (note that your teeth shouldn’t connect with the tongue). And here’s what next:

Move your jaw muscles in left-right as well as up-down position. Try opening and shutting the mouth and move it in the mentioned direction unless it hurts.

Move your jaw back and forth for 3-4 times. Repeat the movements as many times you can in a day to observe prompt results.

2. Try the Combination of Garlic and Mustard oil

While the anti-bacterial properties of garlic works as an aid to combat bacterial infections that have caused jaw tension, mustard oil enhances the blood circulation in the affected section. I used to gently rub my jaw with the solution prepared out of the combination of these two natural ingredients during my jaw-tension days.

In order to prepare the solution, get 3 garlic cloves in a cup and put 2 tbsp of mustard oil and boil the mixture. That’s it! your natural solution to treat lockjaw is ready to be applied.

3. Drink Herbal Tea

If you’re looking out for the easiest remedy on how to treat Lockjaw, herbal tea should be there in your priorities. Herbal tea is especially known for its brilliant herbs including chamomile, Kava Kava, peppermint, Echinacea, feverfew, passionflower, and a lot more.

While passionflower reduces the pain occurred due to lockjaw and diminishes stress, chamomile can work as a muscle-soothing ingredient. What’s more? All the herbs present in a herbal tea calm your jaw muscles and fix the lockjaw without needing to opt for medicines.

4. Try hot and chilled packs

Applying ice packs to the affected region will diminish tenderness and swelling of your jaw. At the same time, warm packs are especially used to calm your joints near jaw and provide you some relaxation from constant pain. A warm pack can also be placed on the painful shoulders. Though you can use two distinct packs, I highly recommend to cool and heat a single towel and place it on your jaws alternately.

5. Have soft meals

You don’t always have to eat hard chocolates, donuts, and that huge burger especially if you’re suffering from lockjaw and other such mouth-related illness. The big burger or a wide pizza won’t even enter your mouth in such state. Hence, soft meals like smoothies, veggies, soup, fish, and cheese are the best possible alternative to junk foods.


Having lockjaw can be annoying but the above-listed natural remedies can definitely help you to fix the issue within a few days. I got my jaw-tension resolved under 5 days by following these remedies. So what are you waiting for? if you’re dealing with this severe medical condition, just practice easy yet effective exercises and meditation, eat healthy and soft food, opt for green tea, and that’s it! You’ll get well soon.

By Caitlyn

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  1. Do you rub the garlic mustard oil combination outside the jaw or inside the mouth?
    Sounds like it will taste unpleasant and be difficult to apply

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