How to Keep Your Natural Hair Beautiful

Your hair tells a lot about your personality. Taking care of it is a duty for everyone, men, and women alike. There are several ways to do this. However, keeping it natural is desirable.

There are several hair treatments available these days. Some people prefer using artificial and chemical means, while others go for natural hair treatments. The benefits of using natural remedies are fascinating.

Hair lengths, shine, thickness, and scalp health are the requirements for beautiful hair. To learn more information on this, you can search the internet. However, this article will focus on easy homemade natural lock treatment tips.

Tips for Natural Hair Treatment

Some people are attracted to natural curls. Keeping it can be expensive. Notwithstanding, these nine remedies below may help you save some money.

Remember Grandma’s Oil Remedies 

She was right anyways! Remember the remedies of natural oil grandma gave? They can be perfect for maintaining a healthy scalp, curl texture, and general wellness. Find oils you can try out below.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil Benefits For Hair |

Castor oil is from the castor seed. It is beneficial to human health and used for scalp treatment. If you intend to prevent flaking on your scalp, then castor oil is right for you. It is also applied at the root to reduce breakage and provide nourishment.

Coconut Oil

The coconut oil remedy has been around for a long while. You might have heard of it before now. It is popular due to its wide range of use. Despite this, it is very affordable.

Coconut oil helps to protect your locks from loss of protein. It helps with growth, split-end repairs, and takes away dandruff. 

Argan Oil

It is an extract from the Argan, a tree in Mexico. The oil is rich in vitamin E and a perfect moisturizer for dry locks. It only just became popular recently and is best for reducing frizz.

No More Waste, Rice Water Works

You might be wondering how rice water can improve your hair’s growth. Rice water contains several components that provide several nutrients to the hair. Amongst these components is protein, occupying over 17 percent of it. It is an essential nutrient for cell growth.

This ancient remedy has its roots in China. It has been a natural rinse and shampoo for many centuries. The Chinese say it is their secret for long, healthy, and lustrous locks. They also believe that keeping it that way symbolizes long life and prosperity.

Guinness World Record marked Huangluo as the village with the longest locks in the world. The Yao women who hail from the village boast that they apply a “magic potion” made from the Chinese rice water. They say that it also prevents them from having grey hairs.

Save Some More, Get Just Three Eggs

Egg masking has been on for decades now. It is among the popular treatment methods. 

Egg masks contain B vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and biotin. The B vitamins are essential for lock strength, flexibility, and wellness.

In preparing an egg mask, you are to apply both the white and the yolk. For dry hairs, the yolk serves as a moisturizer. Apply egg mask on your mane a minimum of three times weekly. You can click here to read more about five egg-based hair masks that will help you get silky smooth hair.

Your Scalp Loves Onion Juice

You may not like the smell, but you should give this a try. Onion juice contains several nutrients that are beneficial for lock growth. It contains sulfur and prevents breakage. Its anti-fungal attributes help in keeping your scalp free from infection.

To reduce the pungent smell, you can combine some drops of peppermint oil or lavender. To prepare this, use three onion bulbs. Extract the juice, apply it to the scalp and leave it for six minutes before rinsing.

Use Green Tea

Surprisingly, green tea has many benefits that several people do not know. It contains an antioxidant responsible for reducing hair loss. It is a remedy for treating psoriasis and dandruff. Green tea regulates the protein level of the scalp and serves as a moisturizer.

The Hair Needs a Drink Too

Yes! Beer rinsing is an actual thing. You have probably heard or seen this before. Beer contains B vitamins which are necessary for a healthy scalp. It contains protein that repairs damaged hairs. Beer rinsing regularly can help replenish hair loss from stress, hair products, pollution, and other circumstances.

Try Out Amla Paste

Goodness of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) - Sentinelassam

Amla, popularly known as Indian gooseberry, contains vitamin C. The fruit is a secret ingredient contained in most hair products and tonics. It helps in the production of collagen protein. Collagen protein is responsible for regenerating cells and stimulating both hair volume and length.

The Indian gooseberry possesses over 85 percent moisture. With this, it remains a good moisturizer. Some other benefits include the removal of germs, the prevention of hair graying, and cleansing the scalp. You can click on to read more about the Amla fruit.

Take a Proper Meal

The food you consume affects every part of your body. Several nutrients are essential for maintaining a healthy scalp. If you are deficient in some of those nutrients, you might start to notice your hairs fall off.


The hair is composed of a special kind of protein known as keratin. It is responsible for holding each strand firm. It is known as the building block for a healthy curl. If you style your hair frequently, you should consider foods rich in protein.

Fatty Acids

These are also vital for moisturizing your scalp. Dryness can cause breakage, inflammation, and hair shedding. A deficiency in omega acids can result in insulin opposition which is the cause of balding in men. You can try out walnuts, avocados, salmon, and sardines to get fatty acids.

There are other vital nutrients for proper growth. These include zinc, iron, and silica. For better curls, the body requires at least 19mg of iron daily.

Lastly, Consume Enough Water

While trying out the remedies above, do not forget to take enough water daily. You can take coconut water too for hydration. It contains some electrolytes that transport nutrients to the follicles.


Keeping naturally beautiful hair is quite expensive and requires patience. However, there are remedies that you can apply to ensure growth and maintain a healthy scalp. Your diet is also an essential process, so eat healthily and stay hydrated. 

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