how to know if you have high cheekbones

Do I have high cheekbones? If you ask yourself this question quite often, you are not alone. Who doesn’t want high cheekbones? After all, they look so sexy.

Hadn’t they been so attractive, models at fashion shows and celebrities during their special appearances, wouldn’t have flaunted their high cheekbones. Everyone in glamorous world is after high cheekbones. Some are naturally blessed with them, some get it by advanced make-up tricks and some even go to the extent of putting themselves under the knife to have visibly high cheekbones.

This post has answer to all your queries about cheekbones like:

  • What are Cheekbones?
  • Do I have high cheekbones?
  • Steps to check if you have High Cheekbones
  • How to get more prominent cheekbones?  
  • Natural ways to prominent cheekbones
  • Pro tips to get high cheekbones.

What are CheekBones?

Cheekbone, also known as Malar Bone or Zygomatic Bone in scientific parlance, is the bone which forms the projection of the cheek. These are located below the eyes, towards the ear where the face is the widest. Cheekbones are the primary determinant of the structure of the face.

Zygomatic Bone

High cheekbones, without doubt, are considered to be more attractive in comparison to Low Cheekbones. It is only because of recognition of high cheekbones as a mark of beauty,that face contouring makeup is the latest fad.


Cheekbones can be categorised into following types:

1. High Cheekbones

2. Low Cheekbones

3. Uneven/ Asymmetrical Cheekbones: One cheekbone is high and the other is low.Thankfully, this is uncommon.

4. Prominent Cheekbones

5. Overtly Protruding Cheekbones

6. Sunken/ Flat Cheekbones


Having known the location of cheekbone in general, you must be curious about if you have high/ low cheekbones. It might seem tricky, unless you have been a good biology student.  

Who knew biology could be helpful in determining one of the significant parameters of attractiveness? Anyway those who bunked biology classes, need not to worry. We are there to help you in locating your cheekbones. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to locate cheekbones.

1. Look in the mirror with absolutely clean face- no makeup and no dirt. Put your index finger at the bottom part of your nostril. Simultaneously place your thumb at the tragus (tragus is the nub/ central cartilage part of the ear which projects a little outwards).              Move your finger and thumb towards each other in a straight line until they meet.

cheek bones

2. You will be able to feel your cheekbone by gently pressing at this point.

3. If your cheekbones are located more close to the eyes, well congratulations, you have high cheekbones; whereas if your cheekbones are more towards the lower part of the nose, you have low cheekbones.


Some people are naturally blessed with high cheekbones. If you have low cheekbones and long for high cheekbones; you don’t need to spend a fortune on plastic surgery. There are some ways to have apparently high cheekbones, which will give you a much needed makeover.

1. NATURAL WAYS: One of the best and basic ways to have prominent cheekbones is to reduce the facial fat.

There are some exercises which target the facial fat, eventually making the cheekbones look prominent which otherwise remain drowned under the layer of fat.

  • The Fish Face: Tighten your lips and suck the cheeks inside towards mouth so that your face look like a fish’s face. Hold this expression for about 30 seconds. Do at least 10 repetitions twice daily.

The Fish Face

  • Ball/ Cheek Puff: Fill air in your mouth. Move all air into a single cheek holding it for 8-10 seconds. Move the air alternately between the two cheeks. Exhale air from mouth. Repeat 15-20 times.

Cheek Puff                                                 Image: WikiHow

  • X and O: Say X and O alternately in a way that your facial muscles are stretched and contracted to the maximum. This improves blood circulation and relaxes facial muscles. Repeat 12-15 times. This exercise can be performed as many times as one can. Regular repetition of X and O daily will make your face more thin, elongated and sculpted.

X and O exercise

  • Fish Face and Puff: This exercise is a combination of Fish Face and Facial Puff. Make fish face. Fill one cheek with air and hold it for 10 seconds. Move air in between both the cheeks alternately. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions daily. Facial fat will melt down and your face will be toned, making your cheekbones more prominent.

The Fish and Puff

2. MAKE-UP: The most common and instantaneous way to make your cheekbones look high is to enhance them with suitable make-up techniques. Face contouring is done in a way that cheekbones appear to be high and prominent, making one look more attractive.


Cheek Implants and Dermal Fillers are the most commonly opted surgical procedures to have prominent cheekbones. These can give long lasting effects but are heavy on pocket and have potential side effects like any other surgery.


There are some habits and lifestyle changes which can act as a catalyst in your effort to have high cheekbones. One can supplement the facial exercise regime with these tips to achieve the goal of high cheekbones.

Smile: Smile not only makes you look prettier and adds to the persona, it is rather an effective activity to get rid of facial fat. Smiling involves contraction and relaxation of a lot of facial muscles.

Chewing Gum: It is established that chewing gum increases concentration. But very few of us know that chewing gum engages a lot of facial muscles. So don’t save chewing gum exclusively for brainstorming session. Keep it as a tool to get better results out of your facial exercise regime.

Lose Weight: The most important step is to lose weight and improve BMI (Body Mass Index). Losing overall body weight is more effective than spot reduction.

Drink Lots of Water: It will help get rid of any kind of toxin built up. Water will flush out all the toxins, thus relieving the puffiness from the cheeks. It will eventually lead to prominent cheek bones.  

Final Thoughts

Having known about high cheekbones and the various ways to get prominent cheekbones, it has to be understood that cheekbones are not the only determinant of beauty. Every kind of cheekbone, high or low, has a charm of its own.

Beauty is very subjective. Different races and cultures have different parameters of beauty. It’s just that we tend to follow what our favourite celebrities do. It’s better not to get blinded by the glamour.

Love yourself and strive to have a healthy and fit body, rather than high cheekbones.

Remember, fit is the new SEXY!!!     

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