How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds

You all have heard this line once till now that children are the form of God itself. There is no doubt that babies are the beautiful creatures of this world. 

They are the most innocent living beings around us but sometimes it becomes difficult to handle them especially when they start to cry.

As we know babies can’t tell us their problems, that’s why sometimes we are unable to understand them. Here the case of mommy and her babies is an exception.

But sometimes even the mother of the babies can’t understand and make them sleep. It is the most difficult task when you are a male means father of babies.

Male counterparts don’t know how to handle a baby because they don’t spend more time with them when we compare it to females like the mother of the babies.

This article is going to be very beneficial for those fathers who are so bad when it comes to sleeping their babies and those mothers who sometimes get irritated because of tiredness from other work. 

In this article we will learn some most important tips and tricks to make your baby sleep in seconds and trust me these tricks are so simple when it comes to execution. 

So don’t worry and keep reading to find the solution to your problems.

How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds?

Some of you readers wouldn’t have believed that there are some tricks from which you can put a baby to sleep before reading this article. If you don’t believe then you have come to the right place. We can change your belief with proof.

Yes, you have read right.  There are various experimented tricks to put a baby to sleep in seconds. You don’t need to do any difficult tasks and need a lot of time. It happens in seconds. 

Now we are going to cover those magic tricks to solve your issue and also make your baby happy while sleeping.

The sound of rain:

It sounds interesting though. I know now you are definitely thinking that not only the baby, we can also sleep by listening to the sound of rain.

The sound of rain or running water can do magic when it comes to put a baby to sleep in seconds. The sound of running water makes your baby go to a deep and calm sleep within a second.

Now the question arises how can we create the sound of rain?

It is not possible to rain every time we need to, so how can we do that?

The water would be wasted when we open the tap every time to create a running water sound for baby to sleep, how is it beneficial?

Wait ,wait! I have the answer to all of your queries. 

You can record the sound of the rain and the sound of running water from the tap by using it only once. Thus you don’t waste any water to put your baby to sleep. Try this today and see magic. 

Artificial sound of womb:

I know it sounds impossible and if you are thinking like that then stop, it is possible.

Babies are used to sleeping in their mother’s womb and are habitual to that environment. We can create the sound of a mother’s womb by using household things. 

Although there is a machine called the white sound machine available in the market. You can either purchase it or make it your own white sound machine.

You can use your washing machine and hair dryer to produce the sound of the womb. You can either record it or put your baby’s crib close to your washing machine. But make sure that there is no alarm or any disturbing sound doesn’t come to your washing machine. 

Use tissue paper:

Tissue papers are easily available in everyone’s house. Do you know you can use it to get your baby to sleep in seconds?

Yes, you can do this. You just have to do a simple thing. Take a tissue paper and slightly move it upon the face of your precious child until he or she sleeps. This is the best technique. 

Just make sure you are using dry tissue paper. Move gently on the face of the baby and he or she starts to close their eyes within a seconds. It is so relaxing for them.

Swinging your baby:

It is the thing you do normally when you carry your baby. You just need to do it at that time when you want to put your baby to sleep and when your baby wants to sleep but can’t. 

You need to add some more things. While swinging your baby make sure he is close to you and comfortable. Make a random sound ‘shh’ when you are swinging your baby. It helps to put your baby to sleep within seconds.

Try it today. 


Babies love when you hum or say things slowly and continuously. They recognise very well the sound of their parents. So if you want to put your baby to sleep, start humming softly.

You can chant the sound of ‘ohm’ near your baby. Just make it soft and gentle. Keep saying it until your baby starts to close his eyes.

You can also say anything in a soft voice or sing any beautiful song to put your baby to sleep. It is what every mother does to make their baby sleep.


I hope you would love the article and use and share the provided tricks among your friends and family. We have covered beautiful tips to put your beautiful baby to sleep in seconds. You can use these tricks one by one and comment below your favourite trick. 

Let’s end this post with a positive thought. Stay healthy and stay tuned with us. 

By Caitlyn

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