Failing Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when it gets to the point where you both are tired of the whole thing, you have two options. Go your separate ways or find a way to revive the dying flame. 

It’s no secret that most couples in today’s society have a lot to contend with. The growing rate of social media, dating sites, and divorce make it challenging to keep it simple.

If you are looking to spark the attraction you once had for each other; you can be sure you have work to do. If you wonder how to attract my ex-girlfriend back or avoid losing that special one, you can try the tips below.

What’s the Problem?

The first approach to finding a lasting solution to a problem is to identify the problem in the first place. So I’d like to ask here, what’s the problem with your relationship?

Could it be that you are swarming with work and can’t find the time to do things together, or you have lost the chemical attraction you have for each other?

Knowing exactly where the problem lies in your relationship with your partner could go a long way in resolving the issues. So instead of sulking or wondering what’s the matter, you want to take the bull by the horn rather than force the horse to drink water. 

This link has more on typical relationship problems every couple should know about. 

Solving Relationship Problems

While you obviously could visit a relationship expert for counseling, you could save yourself time and expenses by doing your best together. Some of your options when looking to get your ex back or revive a dying relationship include.

Have a Heart to Heart Talk

Dialogue is often the best tool to resolving many misunderstandings. And for your relationship to be safe from hitting the rocks, both partners need to discuss a way out. So rather than leaving things the way they are, you want to talk things through.

Find out what she doesn’t like about the recent development and ask what she wants to see change. Remember that no one is perfect and that you have your flaws too. So instead of trying too hard to please, you want to be open to talking and finding how to resolve present issues.

Maybe you Need the Space

Often, it could become tiring to have a partner who is all up in your business. Of course, you both want to have the heats for each other, but you need space to miss and yearn for each other’s love. 

Doing things together is ideal, but you also want to be able to stand on your own. It is no secret that women are attracted to independent men, and men like it when a woman cares for herself.

So you want to ensure that you don’t lack in your self-responsibility. Stay on top of your finances and try as much as possible to keep your bad habits in check. Of course, you may not want to quit smoking or drinking, but it could help if you respect her enough to limit how often you do that when she is around.

Don’t Sweat it

Since you have a dying need to get them back, you want to make sure that it doesn’t burn you out. A lot of people get depressed when dealing with a break-up or divorce. 

And the truth is that such situations can affect you mentally and emotionally. So instead of trying too much to get them back, how about working on yourself so they can see how serious you are about winning them over.

Say the Truth About How You Feel

You want things to go back to how they used to be. But you don’t have to lie about how you feel. And if you think you need to see other people, it wouldn’t hurt to let them know. 

Many people, especially those in a long-term relationship, are scared about hurting their partner with the truth that they unknowingly do so with the apparent silence. 

It hurts more to keep them close by when you know you have since moved on with your feelings. It is best to let them go so they, too, can find their wings again. You can check here for ways to express yourself better in a relationship. 

Final Note

Relationship problems are complicated. While there are many things you can try to get your ex back, you should not push them to take you back in. They should accept you truly from their heart due to how they feel for you than to do so out of pity or not wanting to be seen as a bad person in front of your friends and family.

By Caitlyn

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