Dentures in your Mouth

While dentures can help fix your missing teeth or help you get a complete set of dentitions, having to wear an artificial fixture in your mouth can be a challenge. For many people, dentures are uncomfortable to wear and difficult to maintain. It could be even more challenging to wear fixtures in a small mouth or at the back of the mouth where they could be stressful to fit and remove regularly. 

However, having to use dentures daily doesn’t have to be a problematic process. And with the right options fitted and proper care is taken daily to prevent damage you could find comfort in wearing artificial fixtures in the mouth. The continuous production of saliva is common with dentures as the mouth will surely react to a foreign object inside the mouth that doesn’t conform to the natural configuration. 

There is also the fact that they can promote gag reflex with a narrow oral cavity. And the fact that you can’t eliminate dentures rubbing gums only means that you will have to cope with them. But this doesn’t rule out the fact that they can help provide you with a complete set of dentitions. 

Why Dentures Cause Sores in the Gum


Sores in the gum are common with dentures and you can expect this to happen when you wear an artificial object in the mouth. The teeth come as a natural fit that blends with the original setting of the mouth. They help with speech and ensure that you chew your food properly. Wearing them for long could cause injuries to your gum. But there are ways to treat sore gum and make your artificial temporary dental fixtures comfortable to wear for long hours. 

The buildup of Bacteria in the Mouth 

You could experience discomfort with your dentures due to the buildup of bacteria in the mouth when you wear them regularly. But it is also normal to experience dental bacteria even with your natural teeth and could be limited when you take proper care of your dentition. 

Using Dentures that Don’t Fit 

Not getting the right fit with your dentures could also be another reason why you feel unease with them on. Even with the right fit, it can take a while for your mouth to heal when you make use of artificial fixtures. And as healing takes place, the dentures adjust to fit the changes in the dentition and this will cause them to rub against the gum. This will surely result in sores that will be uncomfortable to deal with. When not properly attended to could lead to infection which could cause more problems for your dentition. 

Bone Cell Reabsorption Process

With dentures that don’t fit properly, there will be serious pressure on the gum. And the more you have them in without the right fitting, the more they cause damage to your gum and dental bones. Without proper treatment, the reabsorption of bone cells will result in atrophy which could cause more problems for you. This link has more on how to care for receding gum. 

Staying Comfortable with Dentures in your Mouth 


Whether they are at the front or back of your mouth, your dental fixtures can be comfortable to wear when they are properly fitted. It will also limit the occurrence of rubbing against the gum and sores. 

Get the Right Fit 

As mentioned above, you get to stay comfortable with partial, complete, or permanent dentures when they are properly fitted. This will prevent them from rubbing against your gums resulting in discomfort and sores that you will need to treat occasionally. You want to make sure that you find the best dental cosmetic specialists in your area who can help you get the right fit to avoid discomforts. 

Use Pain Relief Medication 

You can equally use medication to cope with the discomfort from a sore gum. Many over-the-counter pain medications work for dental pain. You can find gels that are safe to use in the mouth that can be applied to sores on the gum. You can also begin the day with a saltwater rinse to help neutralize the bacteria in the mouth. 

There are also natural remedies you can use such as aloe vera gel treatment and lemon juice to help bacteria and sores in the mouth. Sage tea, olive oil, and cloves are also good for pain relief and can be taken daily to provide relief from dental pains. 

Adopt Daily Dental Care Routines 

Brushing your teeth daily with good quality toothpaste and a soft brush will help get out dirt and keep your dentures in good condition. The use of a soft brush will help to cope with the sores on the gum, and massaging the gum will help deal with swellings and improve blood circulation. It will also help you to floss properly so you get rid of food particles left hidden in your dentures. You can check this page here for more on engaging in proper oral care. 

Avoid Wearing them to Bed 


Leaving your dentures on when you sleep at night could result in injuries when you wake. Uncontrolled movements when you are fast asleep and resting on your face for long periods on the bed could also cause tension in your mouth. You want to have a glass of clean water by your side for keeping your dentures so they remain safe when you wake up. 

Use Dental Adhesives for tighter Bonding 

You will also benefit from the use of dental adhesives to ensure that your fixtures stay firm in the mouth. And for your dentures, you can check with your dentist to prefer a safe bonding agent that won’t cause harm to your oral health. 

Handle them with Care 

Dropping your dentures on the ground will surely result in chipping and cracking. It could also cause serious damage when they fall from a height on hard surfaces. It is best to remove them when you want to engage in sporting activities or take your bath. This will help prolong the life and reduce the chances of loosening its original fitting. 

Final Note 

You will have to cope with the problems that come with having a denture in your mouth. And in the case of dental sores, there are ways you can take care of them and prevent further damage to your dentition. Checking with your dentist regularly can help assess the condition of your dental appendages. 

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