How to stop fighting all the time

Having fights is normal in all situations, but fighting all the time in a romantic relationship is a matter of concern. If you find yourself having constant arguments with your partner, you need to take steps for remedying the situation. 

What are the common causes of constant fights?

Common causes that lead to conflict and the subsequent rounds of couple therapy in Dubai include:

  • Differences in parenting styles
  • Financial problems 
  • One of the partners is cheating on the other
  • Lack of love and intimacy 
  • Meddling family members or friends
  • Lack of respect for each other
  • Not moving past certain issues 
  • Unequal division of labor 
  • One of the partners carrying the weight of the relationship 

How to stop fighting all the time?

There is no one quick fix to relationship issues. You need patience, and persistence to fix your relationship, and stop fighting. Some helpful steps to take in this endeavor include:

Stop wanting to be right all the time 

Many a times, the arguments get escalated because people have the incessant need to be right. This ego of yours can compromise your relationship. Hence, stop with the continuous need to be right all the time.  

Take a moment before responding

At times, during the throes of anger, we tend to say harsh things that we might not even mean. These can also cause the arguments to become more serious. 

So, when you are having a conflict, it helps to stay a step back so that your temper does not get the best of you. It also prevents you from saying damaging things. It also allows you to focus instead on the more important matters. 

Do not let others dictate the terms of your relationship 

One of the sources of conflict are other people; whether it be friends or family, if they are dictating how your relationship with your partner pans out, then you have trouble. 

Hence, it is pertinent that you stop letting others have a say and stake in your relationship, otherwise, the arguments might not end. 

Do not rehash the past in every argument 

If your arguments go back to the past mistakes, chances are, you will continue fighting and will never move past the point. So, try to get closure over the past problems, and do not regurgitate the past whenever you get into an argument. 

Have ground rules 

It is only natural to fight; if you never get into fights with your partner, then that is also a matter of concern too. To avoid the conflict and arguments from turning nasty, it helps to have ground rules. 

For example, neither parties will stop talking to each other, matters will always be resolved in an amicable fashion, you will both will not take these matters to other people, etc. 

Talk about your feelings 

If you play the passive aggressive games, or make your partner guess what they did wrong, then it is not a very smart thing to do. Instead, be mature in your conduct and in an upfront fashion, tell your partner whenever you feel upset. Talk to them about your feelings, so that they are also more attuned to your emotions. 

Furthermore, it also allows them to be more considerate of you, rather than them becoming agitated with you as they guess what they did wrong. 

Always invest in your communication skills

One of the key components of a healthy relationship is healthy communication. Therefore, always work on having effective communication with your partner. There is no need to play mind games with them. Your partner is the one person you can be open with. And remember these rules of communication during arguments as well. 

Listen to your partner, truly 

To put an end to the arguments, you must listen to your partner. Otherwise, you both will continue to rehash the same point over and over again. 

Therefore, listen to what your partner is saying. Even through the fights and arguments, dissect what they are saying. Work on effectively communicating with them, so that you know what is bothering your partner so you both can work on addressing what is hurting your relationship. 

Be empathetic towards your partner 

It helps to also be more empathetic towards your partner. Your concerns are valid but try to understand where your partner is coming from. When you put yourself in their shoes, it might give you better perspective that can help in lowering the conflict. 

Get professional help 

At times, the issues are more complex and deep-founded. The couple might then require assistance of a couple’s therapist, especially if the couple is unable to move past certain roadblocks. 
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