Can you Drink Alcohol after Taking Plan B

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Plan B contraceptives Pills are used for birth control. If you have done unprotected sex with your partner and now have a great tension for being pregnant, plan B contraceptives are one of the solutions.

Within 72 hours after the unprotected sex you can consume plan b contraceptives and it will show you result and the chances of being pregnant is totally reduced.

Now what is the topic of this article?

In this article what we are explaining to you is the relationship between alcohol and plan b contraceptives. If you do drink then you have this question in your mind.

Does drinking alcohol affect the results of plan b contraceptives Pills?

Does drinking alcohol after plan b contraceptives create any serious issue?

Is it safe to drink alcohol after taking plan b contraceptives Pills?

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What are plan B contraceptives Pills?

Plan B contraceptive is a hormonal drug. It is also called Levonorgestrel. It helps to stop or reduce the process of ovulation after unprotected sex. 

Although experts don’t advise you to take plan b contraceptives as your first priority to emergency contraception. Take it when there is no other option but use it as a regular birth control method.

If you consume it within 72 hours after the unprotected sex, the chances of working this durg is increased to around 87 percent. 

If you are taking it and after that having unprotected sex then dear it’s not going to work and is not going to show you results.

Make sure you take it after unprotected sex not before. There are many more reliable methods of birth control rather than plan b contraceptives Pills. That’s why people call it plan B. Kindly don’t exchange it with your plan A. 

If you want a better results then try to consume it as soon as possible after the unprotected sex. There are some issues which are often emerged during sex even though when it’s safe.

Plan B contraceptives are also called morning pills. Do you know the reason? 

Actually people prefer it to take it in the morning after having unprotected sex in the previous night. But it gets more effective when it is consumed as soon as possible after having unprotected sex.

These issues include condom break or tear off, unwanted unprotected sex, having a doubt about your other ways to birth control, if you forget to consume regular pills for birth control and many more. 

In these situations you can take plan B contraceptives Pills.

Alcohol and contraceptives:

Drinking alcohol is a bad habit we know but if someone is used to drinking alcohol in a limited quantity, that person must have this question. 

Alcohol doesn’t have any relation with contraceptive pills that mean it doesn’t affect the process of contraceptives.

Alcohol can create some other issues that are related to the results of emergency contraception. In the next segment we are going to talk about this. 

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Can you drink alcohol after taking plan B Contraceptives Pills?

As it is told above, alcohol doesn’t hamper the action of contraceptives Pills in our body. It’s safe to drink alcohol after taking plan B contraceptives as it is not going to react with contraceptives.

But it is not advisable to drink alcohol.

After consuming plan B contraceptives, If you want to drink alcohol or have to drink alcohol as attending a party or something or for any other reason, you can. 

Alcohol may come across as a problem and create other issues which are directly or indirectly correlated to emergency contraception.

If you drink so much alcohol then it affects your memory power and you can forget to consume plan B contraceptives after unprotected sex

You have noticed that when people drink so much alcohol, sometimes they start vomiting.

If you encounter such situations after taking plan b contraceptives Pills, the chances of emergency contraception get reduced because in vomit that pill can be extracted.

Excess of drinking alcohol can increase the chances of disturbance in your sexual behaviour. So drinking can affect you through the other way. 

But a direct connection between alcohol and contraceptive pills couldn’t be proved. 

Side effects of plan B contraceptives Pills:

Here is the list of some side effects which have been seen in people who have taken plan B contraceptives Pills. 

These side effects are listed below 👇

  • You can feel like vomiting after taking plan b contraceptives.
  • Some people feel a bad headache and fatigue after consuming plan B contraceptives.
  • Uncontrolled period is one of the side effects of plan b contraceptives.
  • You can feel stomach pain and cramps.
  • Feeling tenderness in your breast can exist as a side effect of plan b contraceptives.


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