Any glasses wearer worth their salt will know how difficult summer can be with poor eyesight! Extra pollen, an increase in pollution spread, and the sun’s rays are all harmful to our eyes. Follow these tips to help your eye health through the warmer months. 

Invest in some good quality sunglasses

It used to be really difficult to wear sunglasses if you have poor eyesight. Do you just go out a bit blind? Do you try and buy some hideously overpriced (and just plain hideous) prescription sunglasses from your optician? An option is to invest in contact lenses if your eyes are suitable. However, they can’t be worn in the pool nor at the beach for fear of water contamination or even worse, sand getting stuck in them (ouch!). Luckily times have changed a little and now there is a nice variety of gorgeous glasses online to help you through. There are even bifocal sunglasses out there if you need something a little more specialized but aren’t willing to compromise on style!

Use goggles 

Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just love a splash around make sure you wear goggles in water. Saltwater and chlorine can both make your eyes sting like crazy which leads to rubbing and the potential for further damage. Pop some goggles on to protect your peepers from the harsh chemicals found in swimming pools then splash your face with fresh water once you’re out.

Wear a hat

Safeguard your face from the sun by wearing a hat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball cap or giant floppy sunhat, just make sure that you’re shading your eyes. Aiming for headgear with a brim at least 3 inches wide will help cover the gaps around your eyes that sunglass frames let in. This will also help reduce risks of skin cancer of the eyelids.

Drink water

This is obviously a great tip for life in general but the more water you drink the more hydrated you will be. The more hydrated you are the less dry your eyes will be. Particularly in the summer, our bodies are more prone to dehydration. This is not rocket science people! Drink up and you’ll notice a big difference in how your eyes feel.

Eat right

It’s not only water that can affect your eyesight. What you eat matters too. Nutrition plays an important part when preventing macular degeneration. Vitamins E and C help nourish your eyes from the inside out. Avocados, almonds, spinach, and butternut squash are full of vitamins so pack them into your diet and your eyes and your body will be feeling fresh!

Use eye drops

If water just isn’t cutting it, purchase some good quality eye drops (check with your doctor or pharmacist first as you will need to find what is most suitable for your eyes). Summer can ramp up the allergies and itchy, sore, dry eyes can be an inconvenient problem. Contact lenses can exacerbate already dry eyes so cut down on using them and opt for glasses when you can to maximize comfort. 

Use allergy medication (if needed)

Summer can ramp up the pollen which leads to hay fever and other allergies. Try some Cetirizine or Loratadine to help with any symptoms and your eyes should be less itchy (Remember to check with a medical professional before taking any new medication). Pets can also contribute to eye irritation so make sure you’re brushing and cleaning your animals to lessen pollen and pollution in your home.

Quit smoking

If you’re a smoker now is the time to stop. Even without the huge list of benefits that stopping smoking offers, there are massive advantages for your eyes. Puffing on cigarettes can increase your risk of cataracts, glaucoma, and even loss of eyesight! Put down the packet of cigs and your eyes will thank you.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

We all know that sleep is fantastic for us, yet most of us still do not get enough hours per night. The more sleep you have the more refreshed your eyes will feel each morning and your eye cognition will be at a good functional level for the day. A lack of sleep will also increase the likelihood of dry eyes which leads to rubbing and irritating them further. Get as many Zzz’s as possible and you will feel much better for it. 

Do you have poor eyesight? Drop a comment below and let us know which tips you’ll be trying to ease your summer pain!

By Caitlyn

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