parenting tips for new moms

Being a first-time mom comes with its own set of obstacles, as you are exposed to a variety of new experiences, from breastfeeding to soothing a crying infant. You can make it a rewarding experience if you have patience and the appropriate information.

Constipated Baby

Here we will provide you with 7 parenting tips including how to help a constipated baby to make a new mom’s life easy.

1. Be kind to your body

Your body just pulled off a miraculous feat. It grew a complete human, including eyeballs, earlobes, brains, fingernails, and all. It requires rest, replenishment, and recovery. It’s incredible what the human body is capable of, and you should respect what it’s been through.

Stretch marks, loose skin, and jiggly thighs aren’t something to be concerned about right now. Now is the moment to appreciate your physique even more. Every alteration in your body during pregnancy and birth is a source of pride for you. You should be proud of your skin. Rather than aiming for the physique, you had before, focus on having the most positive body image as a new mom. 

Are you still experiencing back and joint pains after pregnancy? Don’t be too concerned. They’re actually normal! Pregnancy forces your body to grow and stretch to fit your little cherub. As your body changes, your abdominal muscles separate, and your internal organs move out of their designated position to make space. After labor, your body needs to move your abdominal muscles and internal organs back to their original places. 

Luckily, you don’t need to endure the postpartum pregnancy pains. You can use a specialized belly wrap to make yourself comfortable while recovering. Aside from relieving pain, belly wraps also increase blood flow, promote good posture, and lower swelling from surgery. Wearing one allows you to move around easier. Talk with your OB-GYN to know how to put on an after-pregnancy belly wrap correctly.

2. Restart Your Exercise Routine at Your Own Pace

Just because you’ve been given permission to exercise doesn’t mean you should resume your previous pace. Set small, sensible, and attainable workout goals for yourself to begin. And keep in mind that every little bit helps, whether it’s taking a walk with your family or fitting in a little naptime workout.

3. Sleep

Sleep like you’re not going to sleep for the next three years. Allow others to assist you. If someone offers to bring you food or keep your infant while you snooze, they’ve probably been in your shoes before. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re a Superwoman. You’re already doing it. 

Parenting tips for new moms

4. Baby Poop

New mothers are often concerned about their baby’s pooping schedule. The pooping cycle of a newborn is not constant. A newborn may poop frequently in the first few days or may not poop for days. You may be bothered by your child’s erratic pooping pattern. The color of an infant’s excrement might sometimes vary, which can be unsettling for a new mother. However, there is no need to be concerned; you can always seek medical advice.

5. Breastfeeding is a skill that must be practiced

Breastfeeding appears to be a simple process for new mothers (breast + baby = done), but it might be more challenging in reality. It’s beneficial to have a lactation consultant (whom you can find through your hospital) or a friend who’s been through this before to guide you, especially when it comes to latching. Babies with a good latch are believed to swallow more consistently and do not cause nipple irritation.

Even for bottle-fed babies, feeding patterns can be challenging because the average baby has to be fed every two to three hours. While pumping has its benefits, natural breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories per day and helps constrict the uterus, as well as allowing you to spend more time with your baby.

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