Misconceptions about liposuction

Liposuction can be done using different tools, including a syringe and cannula for larger volumes of connective tissue or an ultrasonic aspirator for smaller volumes of more cohesive fat tissue. 

The fact is that there are multiple benefits to choosing plastic surgery over other procedures when it comes to eliminating unwanted fat from the body. Removing these types of cells allows them to be burned off as energy, making you healthier and reducing your weight overall.

Advertising and even medical professionals perpetuate some myths in the world of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a controversial subject – many people fear it can cause harm to their bodies as a result of complications from unnecessary surgeries. Visit Dr. Haruko to get better results from your surgery. The public is still wary about how cosmetic surgeons do their work and what they do for patients, but there are several benefits to choosing this type of treatment for certain conditions that make it worth pursuing.

  • Help in losing weight:

Multiple studies have been done to prove and disprove the myths about liposuction and weight loss. Many believe fat cells extracted through liposuction will be burned off as energy, making them healthier. The fact is that this process burns calories only when you exercise after the procedure. 

According to multiple studies, a person’s weight loss may take anywhere from one to two years to reflect the energy-saving effect of their liposuction. After that, they will lose fat and muscle tissue for their body chemistry to start functioning correctly again, making them lose more weight without exercising than they would otherwise.

  • Help in treating cellulite:

Liposuction is notorious for being one of the most successful treatments for cellulite. This treatment can remove the fat pockets that cause cellulite in most patients and make skin appear firmer and smoother. Cellulite appears as a bumpy texture, but with liposuction, it will sometimes look smoother or even flat on some areas of the body. However, other factors contribute to its appearance, including genetics and skin elasticity.

  • Not for older adults:

The myth that liposuction is not for older adults has been perpetuated for many years. A major misconception about this treatment is that it does not work well on older patients or makes older people look younger or more attractive. In addition, many people think it will not affect their body’s collagen, the substance responsible for giving skin its elasticity or other parts of their body will appear flabby after the procedure. However, several older patients have successfully undergone liposuction, and the benefits they have shown are enough to disprove this myth.

Plastic surgery is one of the most sought-after medical procedures because of its popularity with patients who choose to undergo it to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, many myths have been created about this type of treatment, and understanding what they are can help people make a more informed decision about whether or not liposuction is right for them.

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