National Disability Insurance

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme has just been introduced, and with it has come a number of support services. NDIS support services provide funding for various disability conditions and can be obtained by any individual or family that has disability insurance. This article discusses the different types of support, what good support looks like, and who should be providing it.

How does NIDS work?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme was established in July 2013 as a way to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as every other Australian. It offers support services such as carers, transport, budgeting assistance, and respite care to help people living with a disability make the most of their lives. A person with a disability may qualify for funding from the NDIS if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for a NIDS support package?

The NIDS is for people with a disability who have the most severe impairment, and those with significant functional limitations. This includes people who are blind or vision impaired, deaf or hearing impaired and have intellectual or developmental disabilities. The length of time someone receives support from the Scheme will depend on the person’s age and condition.

The services available to the disability community

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Support Services are designed to help with the daily living challenges that people living with a disability may experience. These include access to community services such as transport, transport upgrades, education and training, employment services and carers’ support.

Accessing disability support packages

There are many different ways you can use to find the right support services. Some people may want to get in contact with a local support service to provide information on how they can access the scheme. Alternatively, there are online resources like the NDIS Information Hub that offer information on whether it is possible to get a package and how to apply. The NDIS Support Services Support Line is a telephone helpline that provides advice and administrative support for the Scheme. But the best option is to contact NDIS registered providers like Ontrack Tasmania. They’ll assist you in obtaining the assistance you require and will be there for you every step of the way, whether it’s finding a place to live, joining a fun community organisation, or finding work.

Accessing further services from your provider, including training and job assistance

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Support Services allow support providers to provide additional services to NDIS participants such as training and job assistance. While visiting a Support Services provider, the NDIS participant may also use the service to connect with other NDIS people. If you are already a participant in the NDIS and have any concerns about your support services, you can get in touch with your provider. There is also a central NDIS website where you can access further information including what’s on offer and who to contact.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme Support Services blog has been in existence since July 2013 and has detailed information about the scheme. It provides a variety of information on topics such as the NDIS, disability, the process of funding your plan, and more. The support services are focused on supporting people with disabilities to live a more independent life.

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