Swimsuit Season

When winter subsides and temperatures begin to rise, swimsuit season is invariably on the minds of many. We all want to look and feel our best, and designer swimwear trends for 2021 are on target to accentuate shape with simple, monochromatic pieces. 

Keyhole cutouts will elevate basic swimwear styles. Think underbust peek-a-boos and asymmetrical cuts along the upper chest and shoulder in pastels and earth toned colors alike. Deep, plunging V-necklines in one pieces will rule as will high-thigh cuts, reminiscent of the 1980s. 

And though every body is a swimsuit body, there are a few surgical techniques that can boost self-confidence — and bustlines — when summer comes around. Especially for women with larger breasts.

In addition to the the physical symptoms of large breasts like chronic back and shoulder pain, chafing and skin irritation, and self-esteem issues, finding swimwear to comfortably and aesthetically accommodate large breasts can be difficult if not impossible. 

Breast reduction surgery can alleviate the stress of having larger breasts that interfere with normal activities, exercise, and finding swimwear that fits. When thinking about plastic surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Brothers can consult with you about your specific anatomy and reduction goals. 

Heavy breast tissue combined with normal aging can cause large breasts to sag. Some patients will wish to reverse this with a breast lift along with breast revision surgery to achieve the look they desire. 

Because incisions for breast revisions are made using the anchor or inverted-T technique, and extend vertically to the base of the breast, they will be completely hidden in even the most low-cut swimwear. Scaring is to be expected, of course, but with the use of topical creams and silicone strips, they typically fade within 6 months to a year. 

When scheduling plastic surgery in Atlanta, you should plan to take about a week off. Most women return home for recovery within hours of their procedure and are able to resume normal activities in one week. 

And though results of a breast reduction surgery can be seen immediately, it is best to wait a bit before slipping into your new bikini. Compression garments or a post-surgical bra should be worn to help reduce swelling and ease discomfort. Light exercise and stretching is recommended during recovery, but submerging in hot tubs, pools, or oceans is forbidden. 

Dr. Brothers will clear you for pool and beach bathing once your incisions have sealed. This is dependent on many factors and can be anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks after surgery. 

Once fully healed, you will be able to show off the results of your plastic surgery in Atlanta, Cabo, or wherever the season takes you — even if it’s just your own backyard. Imagine, if you scheduled today, you could be splish-splashing in new resort wear by Memorial Day.

By Caitlyn

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